An Elemental Guide to the Galaxy of You

New Years Day was one of those days that time escaped me. Two hours passed by as my contemplative meditation traversed the universe.

To convey the entirety of my journey into text is difficult, but the illumination it offers is worth the effort. It has been quite a while since a contemplation has required so much physical time in the Silence, but it feels good to exercise these “meditation muscles.”

My awareness left the physical earth plane and extended to the stars of our galaxy, then beyond time to the beginning of time, the Big Bang, where the elements of matter began. (It seems my Presence had a desire to expand the notes on the lecture I recently viewed the other day, “The Origin of the Elements.”)

Dr. Edward Murphy “The Origin of the Elements,” University of Virginia lecture, 11-13-2012

What was explained by Dr. Murphy a few nights before came alive in my awareness. I could see the gamma rays of light collide and form matter and anti-matter – move all the way through the life cycle of a star.

Billions of years of atomic matter passed in a moment within my consciousness, and I could see the whole universe at once – the many infinitesimal suns acting as the matter-making machines of our universe. I could see the coalescing of gasses forming into heavier and heavier elements on the periodic table. Then I saw a sea of elements in their respective ratios begin to form. 

In the end, I could see that the formation of physical elements simply exist as a canvas upon which to anchor the intangible. That the stars were simply gateways to the existence on the other side of physicality.

I could see how the curious consciousness of the Supreme Being of Light has become all the various planets and galaxies throughout the universe. I could see how the all the various galaxies resembled neurons in the human brain, how one tiny thought became our entire planet and all the variance of life upon it.

I could see how the intangible seeks to become tangible, and that is what LIFE really is – the desire of the Supreme Being to express these intangible ideas into physical form. This is the grand motor of the universe.

Hold onto this vision! We’re going for a deep dive now!

The infinitude of the whole mechanism builds upon and within Itself. As each new idea of the Creator takes form, these Creations also seek to understand, and so the creative force continues to expand.  So, what is the take-away from all this?

The force that drives the theatre playing out on Earth – and many other planets and systems at the same time – is the culmination of God wanting to understand every possible probability available to Itself. But the search is infinite, for each discovery creates a new probability! 

In sum, the purpose of the physical universe is to make tangible the intangible, but what intangibility moves through you? What intangible idea does your heart most resemble? What idea do you most characterize? Love? Trust? Honor?

Are you acting in accordance with your Conscience, the divine part of you? How do you embody – make physical – this quality in you? Around you? Are you successfully anchoring this intangible idea in the physical through your thoughts, feelings, and actions? What is Love to you? How do you personally express it?

Have you explored the atomic universe of your physical body and anchored a frequency of love within it? These physical elements wait for you to excite them into their destiny of fulfilling the intangible dream that is you – the dream of Love, of Courage, of Discipline – whatever it may be, any combination thereof.

How about the quanta of your emotional and mental bodies? This emotional-mental field consists of the field that encompass the very DNA strands within you!

Have I lost you yet? I told you we were going in for a deep dive!

Once you excite these elements with the clear image of your intangible expression, they manifest a geometric pattern. Electromagnetic forces adhere and repel elements into a sacred geometry of physical structure to hold this ideal expression. This pattern sears into your soul, and lends to the Oversoul of the Supreme Being.  Adhering the intangible – Love, Justice, Purity –  to the physical elements within you can be achieved through choice.

Are you still there? Thank you for choosing to continue. It is quite challenging to contain cosmic revelations within this two-dimensional text…

Choosing thoughts, emotions, and actions in alignment with the higher Truth of our intangible Being creates the patterns through which a a bridge is formed, a bridge from the physical to the trans-physical through which our Being can express . This bridge connects not only our physical/mental/emotional construct to our Divine Presence, but it also connects our Presence to all the other like elements of the starry universe. Our bodies, our worlds, our expressions of the intangible function as the microcosm to the macrocosm – from the infinitesimal to the infinite. 

The stardust – the elements within your physical body – have existed for eons of time, but the pattern through which they express at this moment  through your genetic stream is but a finite filament in the incomprehensible Unified Field. Like the various moments that comprise a mortal lifetime of an individual, an individual lifetime becomes a pearl of the the strands your eternal Soul.

The Greater of You – the I AM Presence of your consciousness – is that force directing the intangible characteristics to become manifest in form, organizing It through the multi-body construct that you presently inhabit. To commune with the atomic elements at the most basic components – electron, proton, neutron – transcends the limitations of these physical structures into that field of intangible existence that only the imagination can access.

Stay with me…

We have only the need to be in the stillness to contemplate this interaction. The field of “heart-thought” exists like a cloudy membrane around each of the atomic/physical elements, broadening and contracting among your cells, communicating to them the Truth of who you really are.  Using your imagination to envision this microscopic relationship will also open a portal for divine communication with your Presence. The biggest obstacle in this communion, however, is the doubting mind of one’s human ego.

Is your ego telling you to quit reading yet??? Hang in there…

The ego is the most fixed aspect of the personality; it filters one’s experience through the lens of the outer world separation. When practicing this sort of alchemy, we must completely disengage from the outer ego -mind and ride the plasma wave of our essence into our center core. Transcending the limitations of the ego expands the pathways to access the complete Presence that you are; this allows us to project through the physical construct the most accurate expression of the intangible being that we are. Doing so will reconcile these atomic elements to rest in that sacred symmetry of this refined expression.

To reconcile your atoms in this way entrains the other like elements around your physical construct to also express in much the same way. Surrendering to the possibility of this mechanism bridges the intangible to the tangible and initiates the process to awaken that eons-old wisdom inside of you.

Almost there...

It is through the Will of the Universe that you exist here in this moment, in this place, in this way. It is the Will of your Presence that anchors the gravity of your Soul to the very nuclei of your cells. The Love, the Light, the Creator Being that you are stretches the filaments of desire into these physical atoms. Through the universal laws that keep our existence intact, this desire-to-express-the-intangible nourishes and programs our cells into further refinement.

Come up for air…Land here for a moment and let what you’ve read so far sink in a little bit… and now …deep dive !

Taking-on and soughing-off the experiences of one’s life forms the sculpture within the “atomic clay,” of physicality. Continued application of bridging your physical components to the spiritual ones will ultimately bring forth the most refined physical representation that your Presence can create, one of wonderful color as well as shape.

As Dr. Murphy points out in his lecture, each element creates a signature color of light. Knowing this may explain the character of our aura and allow us to further augment our personal sphere through further alchemical application with our physical elements.

When we discover our “true colors,” our unique contribution to the cosmic pattern of Life reveals itself.

Speak to the elements of your body, for their ancient wisdom will reveal the secrets of the stars from which they were born millions and millions of years ago. Speak to the elements of your body through the use of the Sacred Fire, for through its alchemy you can transcend the limitations of the ego and access the infinite wisdom of your I AM Presence. The Sacred Fire can dissolve and consume all that belies the Truth of your Being.

Anchor your revelations into the physical through movement and sweat, deed and action, word and feeling. Be creative. Be still. Just Be.

Become the embodiment of your Truth by walking your talk, and living through an Authentic Heart. Give yourself Grace when you fall short of owning your Truth, and bless the experience with Gratitude for uncovering what required attention. In the Essential Harmlessness and Innocence of your heart center you will find the space to explore the universe within you and around you; and hopefully you will build that energetic bridge to connect the two.

Let the splendor of candlelight  remind you of the splendor of the fiery star that you are – and beyond.  Let the water within you remind you of all you have forgotten. Let the earth within you sprout the gifts from the soil of your soul. 

Let the wonder of a fragrant Lily intoxicate you with her secrets and you will fall into that space beyond physical matter – that space where nothing matters. And everything matters.

Whew! You made it! Hope it was worth your while!

In Love and Gratitude,


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