The dream forged in the Fire will remain indestructible forever, preserving the ability to manifest itself in the life at any hour. And how successful you will be in your endeavors to clear the place where your dream can be realized before your very eyes, making your life a fairy tale depends on you alone.”

the fiery heart: discovering the source of divine wisdom – teaching of the heart Book 6
zinovia Dushkova

What is the Sacred Fire?

The Sacred Fire is the substance of Love-Light in all its expression, the plasma of God that we may utilize to correct all imperfection back into Divine Blueprint. The Sacred Fire is the perfect union of Love and Light, the electromagnetic plasma of your particular frequency that carries the signatures of perfection that can heal, calm, excite any condition back into harmonized alignment. There are many qualities to the Sacred Fire as it expresses in the various hues. The Violet Flame is the most familiar to the general public, with credit to the magnificent St. Germaine and his foundation.

Who is a Sacred Fire Priest(ess)?

A Sacred Fire Priest(ess) is an individual who utilizes a rigorous practice of mantra/decree/invocation to employ his/her Power of Command to create pure pathway to the divine oracle of one’s Mighty I AM Presence. This modality utilizes ritual in its various forms to access the inherent gifts of spiritual alchemy, transmutation, illumination to manifest one’s Divine Purpose into actualization.

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When you keep from the Sacred Fires and stay in the 3-D too long – you become susceptible to third density more intensely. The energetics of the outer world begin to affect you much more. The 432hz frequency of Gratitude in the chant helps to keep the integrity of the sacred geometry of our system reinforced. Without recalibration to reinforce the geometric structures, they became weakened and filled with “congestion.”


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