Lean into the Pain: Healing the Fragments of Feminine Power

So that old, ancient twinge, that deep ache in my center began to communicate with me again, letting me know that I still have work to do. 

How can this STILL be here after all these years of reprieve?

I started to feel defeated, that I missed the mark with my spiritual application. But then, I exercised some Grace.  I sat and listened to the pain, really paid attention to what it was trying to convey to me. 

This dis-ease, endometriosis, has been part of my history since I physically became a woman, but for the last 13 years I have not had any issues with it. The degree of severity in days past required two surgeries to “clean me out.” The last laser sweep  entailed a removal of a grapefruit size endometrioma on my left ovary. This was my last and most physically liberating procedure to eliminate my pain, until a few days ago. 

So why is this surfacing now? Is it because of the gradual “change” taking place in my body? Or does my Higher Self want to remind me that the healing of this appearance is not yet complete? 

I lean into the pain

In my daily prayers, I am reminded that I have all the tools I require to heal this appearance. It has come forth to remind me to make use of the healing chant on myself and offer it to others; to use my spiritual artifacts to assist me; to use my gifts and open to further guidance on  true self-healing. 

If I were to continue on without any indication that this appearance still vibrates in my system, I would never know I needed to attend to it. And for that, I am thankful. The Western medicine approach to deal with this dis-ease only addresses the symptoms, and not the source of the dis-ease itself. 

The source of physical pain is very often connected to non-physical roots.  Our physical bodies are the densest of our bodies, and for ailments to settle in physical density, they often have emotional/mental components attached to them. To address these components is to facilitate true healing from a physical appearance. 

I have a deep knowing that this appearance in my body is a manifestation of a deep and ancient pain afflicted on the Divine Feminine Presence in our third dimensional world. It is a complete shattering and displacement of life-blood scattered all over Mother Earth, the earth element of my physicality. This displacement of feminine power manifests as tarry plaque in the deepest recesses of my body. I know that part of my service to life is to carry this until I may heal it not only for myself, but for the collective at large. 

But to buckle over in pain is not conducive to fulfilling my divine purpose, so how do I reconcile this? 

I sink into it, breathe into it, commune with it. 

Yes. I remember. 

It is time to  re-member the shattering, bring the fragments of feminine power back together. Its time to reconcile it once and for all, and in order to do this I must address the Lost-Will that keeps it attached to me.

As I focus the Sacred Fire into the area where I have pain, one of my stones, Ana,  communes with me a desire to assist. So, I follow the prompting to recline with the stone above the area of pain and allow all that I have called forth to do its medicinal work. Ana facilitates. 

Ana with her brothers at Enchanted Rock
Ana shows off in the dark

I could feel the energetic shackles attached to my pelvis – attached to all my sisters – that kept me bound to the tarry darkness, keeping me from moving my leg forward.

Visions of healing scarabs eating away the plaque released the tension of this magnetic shackle. Visions of light vortexes interacting within me. As this was happening, Ana communicated to me how she helps. Here is a translation in words what was communicated to me in image and instantaneous knowing: 

I help in much the same way as this dis-ease manifests. Though the fragments of flesh are settled in places they don’t belong, they still respond to the chemical signals of the “mother gland, ” which causes the painful plaque and internal bleeding. Even though I am far from my home, my “mother gland”  I still receive the signals to assist in relieving pain and healing in this way.  

Then she reminded me…

You have the chant to lift the magnetic bondage of this affliction.

I knew I had to play Hallelujah once I got up, and I did just that. When I played this time, however, I felt a vortex in my body that I never felt before. 

I set Ana next to my bowl when I played the chant, and as I played the 432Hz as I always do – set before me between my outstretched legs – I felt a swirl of energy unwind in my yoni and swirl around the area of pain. I could feel the Lost Will leaving my body through my most feminine organ; I could see the swirling energy uncoil into a cloudy tendril and evaporate back to Source. 

I could see the power of the sound vibrating the Lost Will* free from my personal energy construct and lift it up as an offering to Mother. Higher and higher this smoky serpent ascended as an offering in service to the collective Lost Will that binds all women to ancient pain and suffering – the ancient pain of displacement of their feminine power. 

So, as I sit here writing this to you, I know that the last component of my offering involves sharing this chant with you, my readers, that you ,too , may use this chant if you wish.

I am so very grateful and blessed to have communed with the pain in my body in this way, for if I had not, I would not have a more complete understanding or interaction with the healing modalities right at my fingertips. I hope that you find the chant helpful to you, and if you follow some very simple instructions, I am certain you will feel less pain in the area that bothers you. 

I do realize that this sound chant is just one component of healing. There are many others, but this is one I can offer.  There are herbal healings, energetic healings, light healings, and western healings all available to us to assist in our own process. We just need to follow our intuition’s instruction to what will best work for our individual condition; often, this is a combination of two or more of these healing modalities. 

How long do we require to attend to our particular appearance you ask? 

Until it is finished.

Be patient. Remember, you are dealing with something you have likely carried for a long time. Allow yourself some Grace, and regain your power over your whole system, for if you – we  – can do this, we can heal not only ourselves, but our lineage, our elements, and our world. 

From my Sacred Fire Heart to yours, 


* Magnetic energy attached to karma and other unconscious allowance 

Instructions to accompany chant: 

– Commune with your I AM Presence and the ailment and ask for any lesson or revelation to be known to you. If a message is revealed to you, thank your pain and forgive it’s interruption in your life. You may want to explore more deeply the meaning of your message as you allow the chant to pour over you. If nothing is revealed to you, then take up your sovereign will and silently state:

If there is higher purpose or lesson to be gained by this ailment, then reveal yourself to me as I listen to the chant. Thank You. 

(Many times we carry genetic pain from our ancestors as a residue for us to heal. Also, we can carry physical pain from our own emotional/mental/physical experience).

– Ask if any particular stone, crystal, plant, or artifact would like to assist you in this work. Listen for instruction.

– Call upon your Higher Divine Self to pour its Sacred Fire Love all around you as you relax into the chant. (For really powerful experience, listen while in a sacred oil and salt bath.)

– Call upon your spiritual guides and angels to assist you in focusing the energy in the area of appearance. 

– Visualize the sound breaking up the bondage of the magnetic particles of Lost Will holding it to your body. 

– Listen to the chant as often as you like then meditate in the silence on what was revealed to you. 

– Journal your experience and document your path to healing! Record any particular “recipe” of medicine that you found best works for you. If you feel prompted, share your experiences with me! I’d be honored to witness your journey!

Chant in its entirety, 5:23

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