About Me

Who is Celeste Sophia?

I didn’t really know that I was a priestess. I created spiritual ritual and sacred spaces for years, but how did this work fit into the offerings of my metaphysical community? I observed from the sidelines the Reiki sessions, Tarot card readings, angel card readings, channelling sessions, intuitive massage, but I didn’t do any of that. I didn’t really know how I fit in, but I DID know I was doing some profound work.

The momentum I continue to build using the Sacred Flames has alchemized profound changes in my mental, emotional, and physical bodies. This inner work continues to intensify more visceral interactions with Beings beyond the veil to share Their wisdom and guidance. I personally experienced the empowerment and PROTECTION these mantras offered from dark energies (Please see my post, Sacred Fire – an Empowering Talisman). Most importantly, the practice cultivates a clear umbilicus of communication with the Divine Essence of my I AM Presence.

Implementing a practice to more easily embody the essence of my Truest Self – Your Truest Self ? That is the ultimate gift to the world! Reconciling the fractured ego with the Wholeness of the Divine Self through the Flames allows the magic and wonder of our Soul ‘s gifts to come forth. The more we nurture this sacred space within us, the more present  we can be with a friend in council, the more intuitive insight and wisdom we can offer another, the more we can affect the atmosphere around us with Embodied Presence, the more our personal advocacy begins to materialize through us. So, how does one “label” that offering at a Metaphysical Fair? What was it I offered?

It wasn’t until I happened upon Elaine Kalila Doughty’s work at  priestesspresence.com that I actually identified my gift. The priestess archetypes of Initiator, Shaman, Mystic, Dreamer-Weaver, and Midwife all expressed their Presence through my Being my entire life. They were present with me, guiding me during all the various initiations of my experiences. Elaine spoke my language of archetype and journey, love and witness. Yes! That’s it! I was a priestess! This is what I offered. Now that I recognized my self as a priestess -the noun – exactly how do I priestess – the verb? This is where priestess meets educator.

Formally educated as an English teacher and life-long writer of personal journals and “communicator with the ethers,” I now begin to see the bigger picture of how the pieces of my life come together. Right before leaving my profession as a public high school teacher in 2008, I happened upon a little blue book of mantras and decrees. I practiced them briefly, but I sensed there was something missing. I set it aside.

In 2011, I became a dedicated student of ancient mystery schools teachings as presented through Summit Lighthouse, Era of Peace Foundation, St. Germaine Foundation, and the Radiant Rose Academy. I found myself cozily nestled in the warmth of the latter for several years, and in 2017, I became the 36th Magdalene initiate in the Magdalene Council of 55. As a more direct connection to my Presence grew stronger, however, I felt compelled to learn more directly from my Inner Wisdom rather than confine myself to a single flower in the large Garden of the Universe through which the Supreme Being expresses.

Today, my experience with these mystery schools tenants blend with my early affinity for the mass rituals of my Catholic upbringing, forming the solid foundation of my spiritual toolkit. Synthesizing spiritual and esoteric teachings about the Divine Feminine and modern explorations on sound, magnetism, quantum and Unified Field research conceived the work I presently implement using chant with 432 Hz crystal bowl. (Please see my Yummy Morsels from Great Thinkers page for my recommended reading list to nourish mind and heart!). The more frequently I work in a sound-priestess capacity, the more connected I become with the “band-with of sacred sound” though which the goddesses can communicate. Such a wild ride!

As writer, I can communicate the ineffable gems Presence shares with me in a way that can entice the seeker to know more. As teacher, I hope to make accessible these practices so you , too, can alchemize the Elixir Vitae of your own life. As priestess, it is my covenant to life to Embody Presence in the most tangible way possible – to BE a bridge to the ineffable though writing, sound technology, oracle, and shared space.

That brings us to the email/tag Aquarianpriestess369. “Aquarian” refers to the Aquarian Age, our modern life within which we live. “Priestess,” well, that refers to becoming the bridge beyond the third dimension, bridging the ancient wisdom with modern spiritual discovery. The number sequence 369 refers to the numerical, geometric, etheric magic created through this work. Collectively, the name describes the modern day (priest)ess as a whole.

So, dear reader, if you have made it this far through this article, I ask you, are you curious to learn more about cultivating YOUR OWN POWER and experiencing how that will unfold in your life? Will you come into the chambers of my heart upon the pages of this blog and allow me to share my journey with you? Will you allow yourself another spiritual tool to expedite your path back to Divine Self? Do you feel a call to realize your life purpose through a priest(ess) modality? If so, please continue to read the articles posted here that highlight my alchemical journey. It is my hope that it inspires you into your own Self discovery.

From the fiery chamber of my heart, I offer my hand in sisterhood and bow to the Divine Presence of your most quintessential core. Namaste

Let’s fan our heart-flames together!