As I step more fully into the priestess modality, I find my gifts of service express in three primary ways. I hold the Flame of Faith for you to discover your gifts to life. Will you land on one of these offerings to explore more deeply?

Sound Medicine

Recordings of coded chants to catalyze specific growth process for the listener are available to download. Descriptions of the blessings offered with the particular mantra accompany each to support ones spiritual unfoldment. This is ideal for the seasoned practitioner who is drawn to the benefit of the spiritual science offered within.

Sound Healing with Intuitive Council

Depending on your personal mastery, the coded chants can elicit emotional responses that trigger uneasy or confusing results. My team in Spirit and I can help you navigate such disturbances in your field with a one-on-one video call, should the need arise

Tutorial Instruction

For seekers who would like to use the Alchemy offered through Sacred Fire mantra, decree, and invocation, I offer text, video and audio examples to assist you to implement into your own personal practice.

Let us uncover your gifts together.