Using All of Our SPIRitual Tools- A Return to Spirit through Ritual

An alchemy takes place when creating a sacred space dedicated to the Divine ~ The genuine intent for which you bless your space is the most important ingredient while designing your area, for it charges the space to your personal frequency.

REFORMATTING: Overcoming difficult Ascension Symptoms

If you find yourself struggling in your personal spiritual practice, if you find yourself out-of-sorts, lethargic, apathetic, experiencing ringing-in-the-ears, perhaps you may be undergoing a REFORMATTING of your system for an Ascension upgrade.

Innocence and Sunlight – A Magical Alchemy.

When I was a teenager, I purchased a piece of pottery that I admired for many years. It had a Hopi saying on it that I resonated deeply with, but I never understood why.  Innocence has been a theme that has been emerging strongly in my meditations lately. I wrote an article a couple days… Continue reading Innocence and Sunlight – A Magical Alchemy.

A Corgi, a Basketball, and the Human Condition

So I found myself taking advantage of the gorgeous day and tending to the yard work that I had been putting off. Though I had a lot of other housekeeping to do, I relented to hedging and cleaning out the front beds. I am never disappointed when I work outside. Just being out in nature… Continue reading A Corgi, a Basketball, and the Human Condition