Using All of Our SPIRitual Tools- A Return to Spirit through Ritual

An alchemy takes place when creating a sacred space dedicated to the Divine ~ The genuine intent for which you bless your space is the most important ingredient while designing your area, for it charges the space to your personal frequency.


When you keep from the Sacred Fires and stay in the 3-D too long - you become susceptible to third density more intensely. The energetics of the outer world begin to affect you much more. The 432hz frequency of Gratitude in the chant helps to keep the integrity of the sacred geometry of our system reinforced. Without recalibration to reinforce the geometric structures, they became weakened and filled with “congestion.”

REFORMATTING: Overcoming difficult Ascension Symptoms

If you find yourself struggling in your personal spiritual practice, if you find yourself out-of-sorts, lethargic, apathetic, experiencing ringing-in-the-ears, perhaps you may be undergoing a REFORMATTING of your system for an Ascension upgrade.

Stitching Bands of Magnetism Upon the Wings of a Dragonfly

When I work on projects, I usually create quite a mess. Often, I have several projects going on at once.  I've become friendly with the chaos of my partially-finished projects, however, and I have used it as a tool to deepen my creativity. I've lost my sense of judgement against the resulting clutter and and… Continue reading Stitching Bands of Magnetism Upon the Wings of a Dragonfly

Sacred Fire Dragon Council of Mu – Part 2

Twelve representatives are in attendance; twelve dragons are all that remain on the planet’s elemental ethers, three for each of the four elements. White radiance dances  upon each dragon, soft fiery feathers flare in varying hues to punctuate each silhouette.  Earthen dragons sit solidly in a halo of amber and emerald feathers.  Water dragons sit… Continue reading Sacred Fire Dragon Council of Mu – Part 2

Sacred Fire Dragon Council of Mu – Part 1

Remember me…. Remember me…. Fragments swirl around my mind as I sit in the silence. My lungs expand an inhalation as I sink deeper into what Aurora desires me to remember... It was a time of great darkness upon the planet. Mankind had been consumed by the chaotic darkness once again. Only twelve Sacred Fire… Continue reading Sacred Fire Dragon Council of Mu – Part 1

Alchemizing the “Rage” of Music

Okay, so today I found myself quite irritable. It just so happens to be Mercury retrograde in Pisces, and Aunt Flow showed up. It is workout day, and I had little desire to "crush it" like I normally do on my Monday workout. It was warm out, which usually compels me to run outside, rather… Continue reading Alchemizing the “Rage” of Music