Using All of Our SPIRitual Tools- A Return to Spirit through Ritual

An alchemy takes place when creating a sacred space dedicated to the Divine ~ The genuine intent for which you bless your space is the most important ingredient while designing your area, for it charges the space to your personal frequency.

We The People Online Event

Hello Beloveds! It has been a minute since I've posted this site, as I have received clear instruction to create an online event to publicly release the Liberty Codes for America. I reach out with a heartfelt welcome and invite you to participate with me in a priestess event that I am hosting at the… Continue reading We The People Online Event

Sacred Fire Dragon Council of Mu – Part 2

Twelve representatives are in attendance; twelve dragons are all that remain on the planet’s elemental ethers, three for each of the four elements. White radiance dances  upon each dragon, soft fiery feathers flare in varying hues to punctuate each silhouette.  Earthen dragons sit solidly in a halo of amber and emerald feathers.  Water dragons sit… Continue reading Sacred Fire Dragon Council of Mu – Part 2

Sacred Fire Dragon Council of Mu – Part 1

Remember me…. Remember me…. Fragments swirl around my mind as I sit in the silence. My lungs expand an inhalation as I sink deeper into what Aurora desires me to remember... It was a time of great darkness upon the planet. Mankind had been consumed by the chaotic darkness once again. Only twelve Sacred Fire… Continue reading Sacred Fire Dragon Council of Mu – Part 1

Wrapped in the Wings of Isis

The soft, alabaster face of an ancient goddess appeared in my dream. She stared at me with beautifully defined amber eyes and a serpent around her neck; her hair floating a chestnut cloud about her head as other snakes streamed through the strands. Her face was clear for a moment, then faded into the blue… Continue reading Wrapped in the Wings of Isis

Embracing the Unknown

This story begins last summer, when after a session in the Sacred Fires I received a very clear message - SELL THE HOUSE! Now, this is something Hubby and I had discussed periodically, but the urgency of the message was loud and clear, and I've learned never to ignore those messages. Well, this three-word instruction… Continue reading Embracing the Unknown

The Alchemy of Self-Mastery in a World of “Likes” and “Shares”

So as I have stepped out of my comfort zone and started to engage on social platforms more, I realize that I've started doing that profane practice of checking my post "Likes" and "Shares." Oh my God! Please, NO! I've never wanted to turn into one of those people. So, as a modern day alchemical… Continue reading The Alchemy of Self-Mastery in a World of “Likes” and “Shares”