Sound Medicine

The goddess I work most closely with is the Goddess Isis, who is currently expressing Her Essence in the station as the Goddess of Liberty and Resurrection. My journey with her is a long, quite stringent one (which is a story for another time), but she has opened the way for the gift of another Being to come forth.

A fiery angel who I call Sera for short (“you can not pronounce my name”) entered the sacred space of my Consciousness one evening as I played the Hallelujah chant. This amazing Being of Light communicated to me Her gift – to love Lost Will back to Divine Will. In this capacity, (S)he will work as the Goddess of Faith, through a companion chant for “Hallelujah.” The night of this encounter, to validate I indeed had the aforementioned encounter, Sera continued to communicate to me through my overhead light.

You can hear me giggling as I continue to feel the communication. Watch 30 seconds in! I also show how other light is inactive during this exchange.

These remarkable beings have worked with my own Divine Presence, and together, over the course of several months, all have elicited my physical construct to bring forth Liberty Codes. There are various chants that have certain functions. The sample below offers a frequency to loosen the grip of Lost Will upon one’s emotional body. (To familiarize yourself with this, please see my blog article, Sacred Sound Codes to Release and Heal Lost Will. )

This is the Sound Medicine, and more, I offer as my heart’s gift to life.