Sound Medicine with Intuitive Council

Let’s open the bandwidth between worlds, Beloved.

If you’ve explored this far, Beloved, the goddesses must be calling you upon the waves of sound to connect more closely with them ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

What does a personal sound healing session offer a client?

As explained by Goddess Isis and Seraphiel, a sound session will function in the following ways…

Quantum Bridge of Communion –

Experiencing shared space with the encoded chant instrumentation creates a quantum bridge of Communion and healing within a Divine Feminine modality.

Vibrational Science as a Pathway of Healing –

Each chant utilizes the 432 Hz vibrational science as a pathway of healing at the magnetic core of emotional/cellular structure. Emotions envelop each cell like a blanket. Healing and uplifting this blanket frequency allows optimal function of physical construct and clearer lines of communication with Source.

A Nodal Point in the Unified Field –

When we connect with each other with specific intention, we co-create a nodal point in the Unified and Etheric Field that can be used as a point of reference in the Akashic Records to return to more easily. The work we begin in a session will open a client to access a “time-capsule” of sorts where (s)he can return with the goddesses/guides and continue to work with them in meditation and beyond.

A Merkaba Temple

The sound codes embedded in the chants and the guided visualization creates a merkaba temple where my personal experience with the goddesses can come forth and assist you. We co-create and knit a light grid that will magnetize an elevated frequency of change for our outer world.

How is this Sound Medicine different from other offerings?

Sound is a very powerful tool to connect to the higher realms and other dimensions that exist ,like a film, just beyond our awareness. Opening to a shared space allows me to bring to you my personal attainment (beyond this life) working with the magnetic Goddess frequency in the priestess modality. Because I use this modality, a personal sound session with me actually begins before we even meet virtually.

Goddess of Liberty (Isis), Seraphiel, Mary Magdalene, YOUR personal guides and MORE desire to commune with you more closely, and using the shared space and sound frequencies gives them a more direct pathway for them to work with you so that YOU might build on YOUR personal gifts. It opens the sensitivities to be more receptive to the healing and gifts being offered, and the magnetic quality of the work helps the benefits “stick” more tangibly for the client.

“Ascension” is a prolific buzz-word in many of the Starseed and Light Worker communities, but most forget a vital ingredient to Ascension – Resurrection!

We must first resurrect our multi-body system – mental, emotional, AND physical – if we are to attain the Ascension qualities, that is, if we desire to still embody in our current physical forms (I do). The goddesses come forth to help us learn to do just that, EMBODY our Divine Presence. To fully embrace our mission as evolved humans – the I AM RACE – we must elevate all aspects of ourselves, purify ourselves, enough to magnetize and calibrate the conditions for which these higher frequencies can come forth and manifest THROUGH us, AS us. A sound session is just a crack in this most dynamic preparation in our spiritual evolution.

Trust your instincts.

You will be magnetically drawn to or repelled by this work. It’s the nature of spiritual magnetism – it attracts to it those who are in resonance with it; other’s will forcefully fly away from it just as assuredly. Those who are called to receiving these gifts and learn more will be a part of the network of Liberty for themselves and America; others will find just exactly their place in their network if it is not here.

Divine timing guides our path.

The interconnectedness of our Multi-Verse is such that, if you don’t feel resonate with a particular offering, another different one will come your way for which you do ping. Or, the same offering will come back around when your inner conditions are more resonate and ready at a future time. That is the beauty of perfection!

What does this one-on-one session involve?

  • It involves preparatory work by you to create the most optimal conditions possible for which to receive your personal blessings/gifts from Isis as Goddess of Liberty and Seraphiel as Goddess of Faith. This would require at most, 20 minutes of your time before our session.
  • It requires a private space where you are comfortable and undisturbed so that we might have our 50-60 minute video conference.
  • Good equipment for which to connect and receive: strong wifi connection, suitable device to use the Zoom application, a good speaker to receive the sound transmission. Optional: essential oil, such as Frankincence, Ylang Ylang, or Rose.
  • An open and willing heart to receive!

What does the usual video conference include during the session?

  • Brief greeting and introduction
  • Reflection of the preparatory work (outlined in text documents)
  • Priestess ritual
  • Sound bath with coded chants
  • Session of integration with guided meditation
  • Intuitive council on what was received by client and/or any oracle messages received by practitioner
  • Recommendations for continued attunement

What does a personal session cost?

The energy of exchange for a personal sound session is a one time payment of $165.00, or two payments of $88.00/month ($176.00). A client receives recordings of the session and .wav sound files of the start-to-finish chants for continued access to the frequencies.

Do you hear the call, Beloved?

The goddesses and I await you….