Ripping through Innerspace: Reflecting on my journey with the ‘Rona (Part 1)

When the bug dragged me down under the dark blanket of bedridden exhaustion, I used the opportunity to employ visualization with the Sacred Fire whenever I could. My time under this cloak of physical illness brought with it interesting spiritual insight. Overcome with extreme fatigue, my awareness straddled the dimensions between realities. 

As I sank into the utter weakness to do anything other than sleep (but not wanting to sleep), I utilized the moments to use the Sacred Fire to minimize and purge my system from the invader. My physical senses became weaker while my inner vision became more attuned to the quantum story that enacted before me. 

I could see tears –  rips –  in the fabric of my energy field. These tears were the virus.

This virus, like all such structures, are mis-creations meant to plague the systems of humans, to keep them from advancing in a myriad of ways. This particular mis-creation – this hybrid Corona Virus – has a particularly intricate connection to the undermining of humanity’s overall advancement. 

As my Higher Self and Sacred Fire Angels attended to the physical temple, my inquiring consciousness focused on the structure that the angels targeted within me. 

I occupied the space both within and without my body, assisting the angels with my soul’s attainment as a shaman, and in doing so, I was able to glimpse the culprit – the  geometry of random and moving quantum tears – ulcers- in my energy field. These tears were meant to open space for dark energy to spill in and fill the natural harmonic of health and vitality within me. Within us.

The more I honed my attention on the moving tears in my field, the more I could see that these tears tried to connect into a more solid structure. These connections created nodal points and ripped an opening into the dark dimension so to anchor maleficent energy more securely.

I could see shards of the Emerald Flames dissolve the nodal points where these ulcers merged. I could see how this mis-creation – this virus (and all like structures) – were formed for the sole purpose to weaken the host, not only physically, but psychologically, spiritually, mentally, and emotionally. With diminished strength in all these areas of being-ness, an individual can more easily succumb to the darker agenda of the energy that formed the foreign structure. 

I could see the various other-worldly elements that composed the mis-creation/virus. Like the natural elements of our periodic table, these strange elements were innocuous in and of themselves, as long as they were not combined or disturbed. These strange elements exist in the multiverse on different planes without affecting their surroundings. However, an intelligence(s) brought these other-worldly, quantum elements together for dark purpose. For many dark purposes.

From an inter-dimensional perspective, a single filament in the Unified Field affects many other parts of the web when it is pulled.

Not to diminish those who have truly perished from COVID-19, but the death count has been intentionally inflated to perpetuate the “pandemic” marketing of this rather (statistically) typical illness; this has in and of itself caused its own “tear” in the collective well-being of people around the world. This is part of the plan. This sensationalism is meant to fill your awareness with oozy fear, a suffocating fear (Remember, “I can’t breathe?”). Illogical mask mandates underscore this sense of suffocation, a suffocation meant to reach beyond the physical.

The fear becomes its own disease and makes individuals more susceptible to the underlying intention of the “virus” – to tear way one’s connectedness, his/her constitution to his/her health/well-being and replace that natural State-of-Being with another deep state dark agenda…. enter Big Brother despotism!

This virus allows the forward motion of hidden plans to further enslave the collective human race. We have seen this exercised in several ways – mask mandates, business closures, and worst of all, workplace requirements/ government mandates to be injected with an experimental cocktail they pander as a “vaccine.” 

This ‘Rona has fast-tracked the plans for these dark forces to completely dominate the world in a way that would make life as we know it unrecognizable. Creating the structure in a lab for release on the world population – creating the problem to be at-the-ready with the “solution” is one of the oldest strategies utilized by the Cabal (the mRNA vaccine was patented years before the outbreak). This is why the illness didn’t necessarily have to be one with a high mortality rate (99% survival rate), it only had to be highly contagious, so that the REAL plan could be executed…the plan to enslave everyone with a DNA-altering, poisonous injection to make them a genetically modified organisms while steeling everyone’s personal liberty ( no longer human = no human rights). THAT plan.

I mean, this illness is so dangerous, that you can feel like you aren’t sick at all!

But, just because you’re “asymptomatic” doesn’t mean you’re not infected. Well, there’s no better villain than an invisible one! And this invisible/asymptomatic characteristic of this “dangerous” virus could not go to waste; the establishment maximizes this into a “Boogy-Man Effect”

Main-stream talking heads push the narrative:

“You don’t know if you are carrying the virus and spreading it, so you need to get the vaccine or you could kill someone! Do you want to be responsible for someone dying?” 

💀 Boo! A perfect set-up to gaslight people into getting The Jab.

Yes – this virus is so dangerous that, although you are not actually ill, you can still secretly “spread” the bug, so you better get vaccinated!

BOO! 👻 Says the Boogy-man.

“But you still have to wear a mask because the vaccine will not protect you from actually spreading it, only protect you from dying,” says the talking heads of the propaganda machine about an illness that has a 99% recovery rate.

BOO! 💀 

Paranoid much? 

This paranoia is yet another intentional affect of the “pandemic.” The successful marketing campaign of Covid-19 (a corona virus which causes the common cold) was sensationalized in the media to create mass paranoia and FEAR in the population – this created an opportunity for the dark forces to wield the most powerful psychological weapon. Fear. But why?

Because a fearful population is easily controlled and has a higher acceptance in relinquishing its rights – look at Australia!

If the population hadn’t been MK-Ultra’d by television and a broken education system for so long, I think the masses would have seen this train wreck coming way before now. But, at least now, more and more people are awakening from their stupor. 

I will say this about the ‘Rona – there is definitely a “black magic” element to this illness. Even though the physical symptoms were far from life-threatening, I could feel an “infiltration” of a psychological energy that was certainly not typical of a run-of-the-mill, natural-borne disease.

I could feel a diminishing of my self take place, a diminishing of my self-worth, my value, my purpose, my place in the world. I could feel a depression sink into those dark places where the inter-dimensional ooze dripped in through the tears in my energetic field. I could feel a psychological break down happening within me that was not my own. 

To be continued…

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