Using All of Our SPIRitual Tools- A Return to Spirit through Ritual

Lately, I found myself suffocating in the dismal circumstances of the outer world, and it was taking a notable toll on my well-being. I just wasn’t myself. 

I had a bad dream the night before my beloved spoke to me about his situation. 

I had a dream that I was tricked into getting jabbed with a shot. I was so angry, that I was punching the wall at having been “marked” against my will. 

While still in dream-state, I heard myself saying aloud, “But I’m okay. I’m still okay. I feel okay.” As I woke myself up, I could feel my subtle body running a scan on my physical body. I breathed a sigh of relief that it was just a dream.

Later that day, I had my phone in my pocket and made an accidental call to my husband. 

“Hey babe, how was your day?”

“Not good.”

He proceeded to tell me of the vaccination mandates that he is being forced to accept. Not only is his employer mandating the “vaccine,” but also Sicily is requiring all of their residents to be jabbed as well.

My dream took on deeper meaning.

Though he might have some recourse with his employer, he would not have any standing to resist with the local government. It was our turn to be strong-armed into compliance.

The gravity of the situation had settled into my system like rust .

This heaviness weighed on my mind and heart and affected my spirits. I felt exhausted, just so defeated by all of the ways we – the people as a whole – have been abused by this “sham-demic” just so the government can flex their power and erode our civil liberties.

The dark , tragic story playing out on the world stage had settled in my bones. 

The lies I witness on the main stream programming (Let’s go Brandon!) … the ghastly withdrawal from Afghanistan (where my beloved invested much of his time and energy for many years) … the terrorizing of Australians by the police … the porosity at the southern border … the human trafficking … the gambles the political elite take with human lives and livelihoods … the volatile financial markets … the dismal state of the economy … the  draconian medical tyranny of the “vaccine” mandates … the raping of every individual who is coerced into “volunteering” to take it … the overcrowding at the animal shelters… the infiltration of poison in our food…  Each instance became a termite tearing away the fibers of my strength .

This global upheaval made me question the very mettle of my worth, my values, my role as a priestess. It made me question my role as an Instrument of Liberty.

How could I even entertain the thought of my husband actually submitting to the jab? Yes, I know there is much on the line and it would make the present situation so much easier, but how could I truly be an Instrument of Liberty if I was willing to rationalize an act that undermines Liberty itself?

Am I just a fraud?

Thoughts were definitely deteriorating into the realm of doubt and confusion…

I felt some relief from using the Sacred Fire that afternoon, but  the following day, I was still bogged down. Strange dreams had once again diminished my sleep. 

Feeling crappy with the density of this tumultuous outer-world-energy, I decided to begin to work through this muck – literally – by picking up the horse manure in the pasture. I was feeling crappy on the inside, and I was going to take this crappiness and put it in its place – the compost pile!

Well, like most situations of my life lately, I needed more tools than I thought. 

The manure had set in the tall grass for so long, the piles had hardened to the grass and become too heavy to lift with my favorite muck rake. I retrieved the metal rake and shovel to comb the poop off, making the work ahead of me take twice as long. 

Here is a practical application of mindfulness to turn into a contemplative meditation. (Yes, we can find gifts even in the crap of our lives.) 

I found as I started to pull off the poo, some clumps came up easily while others needed to be pulverized with the back of my rake to remove. Isn’t that the way of it, though? 

Sometimes, it takes less effort to pick out our crap. And other times, well – we need to break-the-crap-down to get it into the compost bin. 

Simply using my mind and body to tune into this activity made me realize, as often life can show, that I needed to use all the tools at my disposal.

I needed to do more than abbreviated prayers in the mornings to rid myself of the toxic crap that had hardened in my field.  

After two hours and two dumps to the back of the acreage, I felt the meaning of this message had anchored in my awareness. I showered and went upstairs to my personal temple, which I had not fully attended in several weeks; my choice to place my awareness in outer world activities for so long had taken an obvious toll on my well-being. 

Though I had honored my need to connect daily to my Presence, to my Soul Fire, with morning silence and prayer,  a generous amount of time had passed since I practiced “semi-formal” ritual in my personal temple. I had only played my bowl twice in several weeks! 

It was time.

Time to set aside the all of the responsibilities and tasks of the outer world and tend to the responsibilities and maintenance of integrating the geometry of my divine purpose  into my physical construct more completely. It was time to work the rust out.

It was time for spiRITUAL exercise. 

The heaviness  – the gravity of crisis clung to my limbs like static as I lit the candles on my altar.  

Yes – out of practice. 

I could feel the weight of my negligence sink into my heart. It had been a long while since the priestess tended to temple ritual. It would require more time than usual to light up the house with the radiance of Soul Fire. There was much debris to dust off the mantle.

Candles lit 

With each intention 

I sit. 

Clutter of mind -a tornado spins,

Rocking in place to sink within.

Deeper and deeper, focus on the light below, 

The tornado rips me up an undertow.

I had’t realized just how thick the static had become. I knew the only way to break the momentum of my distracting thoughts was to inject mantra/decrees in that headspace. 

I first mentally recited I AM decrees with some Violet Flame mantras, just to remind myself of the greater truth of I AM. Then, I utilized my voice to recite these mantras, and the more I spoke them, the less the mental clutter had a hold on my focus. But, emotions still needed tending. 

Like a centrifuge, the spinning action of repeating the mantras separated the thoughts from the emotions –






This activity had made just enough space for Her to intervene…

A sensation of warmth tingles through my body. 

In my minds-eye, an image of a giant scorpion materialized from the fractals of my system. I saw the venom within me evaporate into the ethers. then it dematerialized before me into the shadow, releasing the venom I had taken on from the outer world. 

I knew it was Her.

I knew it was Isis who assisted me in this moment, an answer to my desperate, energetic call for intercession. 

The scorpion was a symbol, a reference, to the myth of the Seven Scorpions. I didn’t know this myth, but I knew of it. 

Once the scorpion dematerialized into the shadow, I began to feel the radiance of my Soul began to gently roll through my extremities like a sunrise upon the grassy lawn. I felt the nourishment of my Presence begin to pour through me and my strength return. 

My light body stood firmly grounded in the soil of my soul as it shot tiny scorpions out from my palms and into the tornado of the outer world chaos where they were obliterated by the force. 

Finally! Finally I felt myself align with my Self again.

Now, my inner space had become a peaceful match to my outer space. Now I could commune with Presence. 

TIme becomes timeless and physicality becomes microscopic to the expansion of Soul. I stay in this place as long as I require to feel replenished in the comfort of my Presence before I return my attention to my physical surroundings. 

I open my eyes to flickering candlelight sparkling  on the crystals around me. I inhale a deep breath of Gratitude and reflect on the message that Isis communed through this symbol of the giant scorpion ~

Use your inner sight, and recognize the scorpion-demons.  Reverse their venom. Conjure them from your system, and send them back to Source.

Though I had seen the smaller scorpions gather into one large scorpion and dissipate in the higher dimension, I knew that I must anchor the activity in this third-density. 

I spent several moments laying on the floor and speaking out the scorpions from my system as I made mudras with my fingers:

“Scorpion of fear, I neutralize your poison and render it inert. I thank you for the lesson, and now you must go. Return to infinity.

Scorpion of despair, … Return to infinity.

Scorpion of confusion,… Return to infinity.

Scorpion of hopelessness, … Return to infinity.

Scorpion of anxiety, … Return to infinity. “

As I called them out, I felt the tingling at the tips of my fingertips indicate their departure. Effervescence of Soul-Fire returned to my body like feeling to a limb that had fallen asleep.

After clearing my field of the scorpions, I took advantage of my renewed, natural alignment and played the bowl to adhere this pattern into a more  long-lasting effect.  

Like a conductor before his band, my wand circled the rim of the bowl to harmonize the frequencies among my physical, mental, emotional, and light  bodies.  Hertz of 4-3-2 had brought me to 1 – THE one. The only one that mattered – I AM. 

The knowingness of All-that-I-AM unfurls Its mandala through me, connecting me to every inter dimensional fragment of my composition, aligning the geometry into harmony, free from distortion.

Clarity flows through. 

He will not become incapacitated. You have the wherewithal to mitigate and neutralize any foreign particulates. 

I am reminded of certain supplements and medicine to assist. I am also shown the importance of using intention and decree alongside these remedies. 

Peace returns to my core. Ritual realigns SpiRitual.

I am re-membered to the Greater.

How long has it been since you applied dedicated practice to sacred ritual? For me, I had reached the threshold of my tolerance. The consequences of NOT stepping into sacred ritual had taken its toll on my well-being, and I won’t be letting that happen again any time soon!

An alchemy takes place when creating a sacred space dedicated to the Divine ~

Lighting candles, 

Placing sacred artifacts on an altar,

Using aroma to purify the air,

Delineating floorspace for prayer with a beautiful rug,

Utilizing mathematical structures with geometric placement of artifacts,

Decorating wallspace with images of saints, angels, masters, or mandalas. 

Using gentle nature sounds/music to offer a sonic shield from the outer world,

Using sacred temple dance to clear a space through physical motion,

Using sound frequency to help ingest or broadcast the more refined frequencies.

One of my altars in my personal temple.

Beautifying your sacred space in these ways, and more, create an energetic portal in your physical space. A sacred geometry forms in the Unified Field. This allows you to keep your focus on your intent to connect to Source, diminishing any distortion you may encounter when trying to communicate with your Presence/Guides.

The genuine intent for which you bless your space is the most important ingredient while designing your area, for it charges the space to your personal frequency.

Your intentions become amplified when you enter your “personal temple.” Charging your intent into the placement of each element of space allows a potency in the energetic field so to connect and open your awareness to the Unified/Quantum Field. The space also becomes charged with a torodial shield of protection from outer influence.  

Keeping sacred space for communion with Source, for communion with  Love and Light, was the role of the priest(ess) of times past. Unfortunately, humanity has largely lost this ancient art.

The world has felt the devastating effects of this lost art, not only in the loss of pure devotion to the sacrosanct and Its spiritual blessings, but also to the dark forces who use such technology to do harm. One does not have to look very deeply beneath the surface to see how many modern religious occult mysteries have been hijacked and twisted from their original doctrines to serve a purpose of evil- doing, but that is a topic for another day.


Imagine just how much love and light we might funnel to the planet through such a simple, yet potent activity of creating a personal temple. If we all took some time-space to dedicate to deep, selfless devotion to the Alpha and the Omega, humanity would reclaim its power from the “decept-a-cons” and create the beautiful landscape for which we could all abide harmoniously.

I wish for all of you, the Great Selflessness – the kind where you lose your “self” to the Infinite I AM and build an ever more intricate design for your SELF.

Forever in service to The Flame.

Aquarian Priestess 369


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