Desperately Seeking Serenity: A lesson in the importance of Sacred Space

Little did I realize how much I rely on nature to sink into Sacred Space.

It had been officially a year since Ron began work in Sicily. Although he was home in the Spring for several weeks, it was time for a visit.

Under normal circumstances, a trip to Sicily would be quite exciting! But it is 2021,  and COVID-19 restrictions have sucked the joy out of traveling. 

The thought of giving up even an inkling of my freedom – the freedom to breathe without a muzzle, the freedom to travel without getting a “tampon” up my nostril, the freedom to enter public spaces without proof of vaccination – dulls what normally would be very exciting. 

But Love- Love compels me to set aside such things…

A little rearranging of frequent flyer miles allowed me to travel business class; this took the edge off. I accidentally left my laptop on the kitchen counter, so I DEFINITELY couldn’t do any work while on my trip. (So much for catching up on blog posts!) I am sure my Presence arranged this “accident” so that I might truly break away from my norm. As it turns out, this trip would be a litmus test for my coping skills.  

The long flight was more comfortable than I imagined. The cabin was dark for most of the flight, so  I never had a flight attendant reprimand me for having the mask below my nose. Grateful for the comfort of business class, I arrived in Catania rested enough to properly greet my husband and meet his “Sicilian family” straight away. It was so nice to finally personalize the names I often hear! By the end of my stay, they would be my family, too!

It was time for coffee, so they waited for me to change. This ritual of walking the dogs to the chi-oscko (coffee shop) between Ron and his neighbors happens once in the late morning and once in the late afternoon every day; it is not only exercise for the dogs, but a time to fellowship. I’m glad Ron has such a fine couple to look out for him!I know it takes the sting out of being so far away from us. 

As we chat during our walk (they spoke English, thankfully) I take in the sights, sounds, smells, and textures around me – 

Broken-asphalt upon narrow streets with tiny cars clinging to the sides of the walls; dogs barking from balconies, jealous they aren’t on a walk; enormous lantanas along the walls with giant cactus trees commanding the backdrop; the welcome whiff of asiatic jasmine giving a brief reprieve from the smell of urban living.

This was authentic Sicily.

Within minutes, we arrived at the tiny coffee shop, but, first ,the dogs have to do their business. 

I follow the locals across the treacherous street. Finally, I can see and hear the ocean up-close while they let the dogs play in the public “dog-run.”  

I had seen photos of this little area, but until I witnessed it in-person, I couldn’t really appreciate the beauty – and the disappointment – of my experience. 

Thankfully, the photos only capture the beauty!

But in reality, this place, and many places in Sicily, are marred by the litter left behind by the public. Cigarette butts, broken glass, food wrappers, plastic bottles soil the crevices between the rocks. It is actually dangerous to put ones hand on a rock to climb down to the water with all the sharp glass everywhere. I’m actually surprised none of the dogs ended up with cuts on their paws from the amount of glass-shards wedged in the dirt there. 

Such a shame.

I made mention of the litter the next day. 

“Yes, it’s embarrassing,” Mari said in her very thick, lovely accent.  “I love my country, but I can’t stand how my countrymen have no care for our places.” Her hand displayed  the piles of trash along the parking lot of the general store while she talked. (I later learned this problem relates to mafia price-gouging of the sanitation services.) She had brought me there to get some supplies for the house.

Though I had seen the apartment many times while on the video calls, I couldn’t tell just how bachelor-like my husband had been living until I took in my surroundings. His apartment was roomy but it definitely lacked “Momma’s touch.” I could tell he did do some cleaning, but the layers of ashy dirt from Etna’s belching had settled along the many open shelves along the walls and corners along the floor. 

The filth of the litter, the dirt in the house, and the gaseous odor escaping the sewer through the toilets didn’t take long to become offensive to my well-being. While Ron went in for half a shift, I began deep cleaning the toilets and the main living area. With every wipe of the rag into the muddy water, I could feel my spirit lifting. 

Creating a more purified space allowed me some momentary Peace to take in a deep breath and unlock my Spirit upon the exhale. But even after cleaning, I still hadn’t felt a lingering Serenity.  

Being surrounded by concrete and iron grates rather than Nature; hearing the cacophony of sirens, jack-hammers, and screaming children rather than birdsong; missing the light of the morning sunrise; being accosted by air/noise/olfactory/visual pollution; being SO close to so many people…. I could feel a suffocation of my Spirit setting in…

Like a gerbil in a cage, I roamed the apartment for a suitable spot to sink into a nest to meditate.

Three days passed before I finally found enough morning light to filter through my body.

I identified a spot on one of the small balconies where I could catch part of a sunrise. The balcony above me blocked a direct view, but at least I found some direct morning sunshine. I would have to sweep off the dirt coughed up by the construction below before I could set out my crystals on my towel. Finally, I had a make-shift area for prayer and meditation.

Though I had finally made a little Sacred Space, I still hadn’t felt the expansion of my Soul spread her wings around me.

The ample sunshine on that balcony helped me utilize the Sacred Fires to dissolve my discontent, but the view of demolition and decay around me hindered my Inner Being to expand into my present space. It wasn’t until I climbed down those rocks to the water that I finally feel the Lotus of my Being stretch Her petals wide. 

While the gang remained at the coffee shop enjoying conversation and a smoke (yuck!) on the patio, I made my way down to the water to be alone.  

As I descended the black craggy cliff, my spirit ascended into a more joyful frequency.

The crash of the waves against the beautiful black rocks became louder as I climbed downward, helping me to focus on the breathtaking coast before me and to leave the imperfections of the outer world behind – or rather- above me. 

Standing on the rocks, arms and fingers outstretched beside me, feeling the power of the water crash upon the stone, feeling the spray of salt water upon my skin – well, that was just the melody I required to feel the Aria of my soul emerge. 

For a moment, the outer world slipped away and I could feel my cells effervesce Gratitude fo all the elements around me. I could feel the power of the waves through the palm of my hands charge up my arms and into my heart. I could feel the tiny hair upon my skin my stand straight up like an antenna and communicate a language of love to the beauty of the coast all around me. I could feel my Heart-Flame expand into my physicality and pour its nourishing Grace into my cells.  It is through such interface with unbridled Beauty and Power that I am replenished to (and from) my core. 

This was it.

This was the gift of this moment- to now have a remembrance in my experience to recreate this scene. Whenever I feel suffocated by the outer world, I can return to this sensual experience in my mind to forget all of its “pollution” and let the powerful waves crash upon the crags of discontent and wash them all away.

I linger long enough to take  in a big sip of Love, Beauty, and Power, but not too long to be impolite. I make my way back to the gang, Replenished. 

For the first time since I arrived, I felt that familiar effervescence radiate its glow through me. It would sustain me enough to tolerate the sensory pollution around me with more resilience. I finally felt an openness to receive all that Sicily had to offer! It is truly one of the most picturesque places I have ever been!

Three days had passed and I had finally found authentic enjoyment in my surroundings. Reconnecting with my husband always nourishes my heart with a fullness only he can offer, but connecting with Nature nourishes my Soul with a perfection only raw Beauty and Purity can offer.

It is here; on this tiny, yet pertinent point I land.

Why do I have difficulty finding space for my Soul to expand in the dense world of every-day people?  Why do I require a modicum of Purity to find Peace? Why is it harder for me to release the bliss of my Soul among distraction? Why am I letting the “pollution” of the outer world affect my connection to my inner world? After all, a seasoned practitioner of Sacred Fire Alchemy should not have to rely on her surroundings to offer serenity…

Sit with me upon a rosy petal of my heart as we listen to Presence offer a response… 

Your Spirit,

Your Soul,

Its Innocence and Purity,

Its Authenticity and Power,

It is a special blend of Love and Beauty that doesn’t recognize Itself in the outer world of man. The closest place It can recognize Itself is in Nature.

Your desire to provide a clean area for Sacred Space comes from the  desire to welcome the Purity and Innocence of your Soul closer to your physical world. The more completely you provide a space that resembles Harmony, Purity, and Serenity, the more you provide a frequency-match for your Soul to spill through you. The more this becomes standard in the outer world, the more It can  presence in the outer world more tangibly. This is the power of creating Sacred Space. You are compelled to beautify your surroundings because you desire to presence your Soul more completely, but there must be a frequency match of Beauty, Innocence, Purity, Joy, Love, and Peace to achieve this.

Your Spirit knows this.

The pollution of the outer world influences you because you have spent too much time placing your attention to the outer world activities, so you become more vulnerable to the offense against your Spirit. You must always endeavor to balance your awareness between both worlds.

Continue your work. You are affecting the world around you, elevating the frequency by your mere Presence. Your thoughts, your words, your observations, your intentions, your breath, your communion with your surroundings , your desire to beautify your surroundings, your very physical presence in an area send beads of Sacred Fire Love from your Soul into the Quantum Field; this builds a luminous net to lift the energy of man’s world. 

You do this unawares

This happens because you have generated enough of a Sacred Fire center to allow it to happen effortlessly. But the Wisdom inside you knows this can only be maintained by returning again and again to your Soul-Fire.

The more momentum you build in your practice, the more you store in your bank “to draw from your savings” when you can’t attend to more polished sacred ritual. Minor meditative contemplations of every day activities do help to build this bank, too. The more your Soul expresses within and around you , the more developed the geometry , the architecture, the blueprint through which your Higher-Self / Mighty I AM Presence can express. One day, all will come into perfect synch and you will catch up to your Self


That tiny point was heavy with the dew of Self-Realization.

So, my friend, do you find yourself seeking Serenity?

Are you compelled to fill your surroundings with more natural, authentic Beauty?  Then perhaps you , too, are instinctively creating that Sacred Space to welcome your Soul, your Presence, to express more fully, and permanently in the outer world. 

Imagine if more of us would endeavor to seek serenity and create sacred space…

We could witness a more beautiful world. Not just beautiful in elemental nature, but in the highest human nature.

From my Sacred-Fire Center to yours, I offer the Flame of my Realization to you with a hopeful prayer that it blesses your own Self discovery.

May the Flame be with you.


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