It’s funny how the outer world energetics subtly creep into our personal system when we get too focused on a project and get lazy with our spiritual application. 

My hiatus from my normal routine was prompted by  my husband’s arrival home, an early and welcome return after a few months away. Shifting my schedule and attention to different activities when he’s home brings a nice change. I eagerly embraced the time away from paperwork and set my sites outside in the sunshine. 

He’s almost never home in the Spring, so it was so nice to have him help tend to some of the property maintenance when it needed it most. Many plants needed replacing after the freak winter storm that hit Texas. The lawn mower needed a new battery after a winter break. Burst pvc needed repair. A surprise “issue” with the septic system needed attention. But, the best treat of all – hubby assembled planter boxes for me! 

Because there was SO much to do, and he was home for only a few weeks, I convinced myself that I could substitute my spiritual application by spending time in nature.

Normally – this is definitely true! But my “time in nature” was less meditative and more labor-intensive. Before I knew it, I slipped into the 3-D too deeply.

My time in the yard became more focused on how-much-I-could-accomplish-before-my-next-pressing-letter-came-in-the-mail that I lost the feeling of joy that nature often awards.  I skipped days in the Sacred Fire, and relegated only a few minutes a day in the Silence. I was feeling nourished at first, but after several days, I could feel the lack of connection this abbreviated activity normally offered.

If I woke on a morning with a certain heaviness upon my Spirit, though,  I knew I spent too long away from my Center and had to step into the Flames to purify myself from the density. Somehow, even this inner gage had gotten misaligned. Not only had I been laboring on the property too intensely, but also had I spent too much time away from my creative outlet, away from Communion. Little did I realize that my system had reached its threshold of tolerance. 

As the feeling of nourishment from connecting in the Silence diminished, the integration of my system slowly sank deeper into third density. 

Over the course of a few days, I was waking up with puffy eyes and congestion that required me to clear my throat for a good hour after waking. It would clear up, then I would wake again in the same state; only it slowly got worse. So much so, I stopped chanting or vocalizing the Sacred Fires when I actually did make it to my temple. 

By the time my hubby had returned overseas, I had developed a severe allergy/sinus cold that was wiping me out!

I was reminded of what it feels like to be miserable in ones body, something I hadn’t felt in years. Fatigue and constant allergy symptoms kept me from accomplishing my goals outside, and after three days of miserably blowing my nose and breathing through my mouth, I finally had it! 

I decreed firmly to my body :


I felt the wake of my decision reverberate through my system.

After making it clear to my body that I had experienced enough of this misery,  I stepped into the message of the experience.

What was it that was causing me to feel like this? Why was this happening to my body now?  

The answer is never a simple one. 

The cause? Well, one might see it as seasonal allergies… but I haven’t had seasonal allergies since I moved here more than twelve years ago. (Though my nose will tell me when it’s time to change my air filters in the house when I start to sniffle, that stops as soon as I change them. ) To be so miserable for days to the degree that I felt the congestion slipping into my lungs, well, that was not my seasonal experience! 

Once I started deeply communing with the Consciousness within my cells, one message became loud and clear – 


Starved of Gratitude.

Oh my goodness! I was so focused on accomplishing my landscaping goals that I forgot to fill my experience with Gratitude! 

The instant I realized this,  I could feel the actual ache of not directly feeling the nourishment my Presence. I could feel a thirst for the Love and Grace that hydrates my cellular structure with the nectar of my Being. I could feel the thirst for the Gratitude that always follows. I immediately made a point to “sing” my Gratitude song, raspy voice and all. 

As I focused on the frequency of Gratitude charged into the song, I could feel much of the density begin to slough off my energy field. By the time I got to the end of my chant, I had opened a channel for Presence to communicate with me briefly:

This is what happens when you keep from the Sacred Fires and stay in the 3-D too long – you become susceptible to third density more intensely. The energetics of the outer world begin to affect you much more. Let the toxic thoughts and particles in the air move through you, around you.  Don’t let them settle within you. Remember. Stay in your Grace, and let It move through you.

I saw my Flame anchored like a leaf in the soil, flickering without diminishing, dancing in the wind without damage.

That’s when I realized that I had weakened myself so much, that I had become susceptible to all of the pollution whirling around during this very windy month. 

Air is the element of the mental realm,

Within it, our thought structures exist .

We can be affected by all the crazy thoughts of the masses. All of the mental energy of the  mainstream – the collective angst and frustration  and confusion of the masses – blew right into my physical body. The residue of these toxic thoughts lodged in my sinuses and caused my congestion. 

I felt Gratitude for the first time in what seemed like months. 

I felt Gratitude for the conveyance.  I felt Gratitude begin to heal my body. I felt inspired to step into the Violet Flames and purify myself from toxic elements. I left that short meditation on my porch breathing clearly through my nose (which I hadn’t done in days)  and feeling much less fatigued.  

Short Violet Flame Mantra

I employed this short and simple mantra over and over again, visualizing my cells’ nourishment until I felt the energetic “lift” of the density that had settled within my system.

“I am a Being of the Violet Fire.

I am the Purity that God desires.”

With renewed remembrance of my personal power over my body, I continued to to focus on the message, and I navigated my day more successfully. Though not entirely through the allergy-cold, I had finally felt a shift toward its completion. 

Today I write at 95 percent breathing capacity, and with a newfound realization of just how easy it is to get off-kilter and allow 3-D density to “stick.” 

I am grateful for the experience, as today I chanted for the first time in more than ten days. 

As I chanted, I could feel the vibrations create a vortex lifting the “lint” in my personal atmosphere, shaking the residue free from my system.  All of the sadness and angst that I carried in my feeling body from various experiences that I didn’t attend in the Sacred Fire (and that I didn’t realize I even carried), I saw the individuals connected to them float off of my aura and disappear.  The tears that I didn’t cry at those experiences no longer congested my sinuses and now had release through the vibrations of the chant. 

I am reminded of  how (unawares) we can pick up thoughts/feelings of “the collective.”

I am reminded of how important it is to tend to the energetic hygiene of cleaning up our own mental/emotional residue. If we lax, these fragments start to act like the apps left open on your phone: they will run in the background (of your mind) and  wear down your battery if left open unnecessarily. 

This experience has helped me to realize just how important is is to have a healthy quotient of our Being in the various dimensions. Bringing down those higher frequencies requires a funnel, and we are the ones that channel (funnel) them.  It has shown me just how much I’ve grown out of 3-D density, and just how painful it is to wear it for too long again. Though we can’t completely operate out of the 3-D physicality (yet), we can discover what our own personal threshold for its density. 

May we all (painlessly) discover our formula of alchemy, our personal inter-dimensional quotient that allows us to be the Light Bearers and Love Bearers we are meant to be!

Aquarian Priestess 369

P.S. – This morning I was also shown more info: the 432hz frequency of Gratitude in the chant helps to keep the integrity of the sacred geometry of my (our) system reinforced. I had gone too long without recalibration to reinforce the geometric structures, so they became weakened and filled with “congestion.”

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