Stitching Bands of Magnetism Upon the Wings of a Dragonfly

When I work on projects, I usually create quite a mess. Often, I have several projects going on at once.  I’ve become friendly with the chaos of my partially-finished projects, however, and I have used it as a tool to deepen my creativity. I’ve lost my sense of judgement against the resulting clutter and and now see it as the  field of potential it really is.  

While tidying the area atop my table from the mountain of fabric scraps and notions, I discovered one of my cats ( my ginger “supervisor ” ) tossed my can of tiny pins across the table and onto the hardwood floor.

RIP Raja kitty

I grabbed my magnetic wand to collect the pins from the floor , and I noticed the pretty way the needles collected on it,  forming a metal urchin with each point on center.  The needles surrendered to the force of the magnet without a speck of resistance, and instantaneously they were caught in an invisible  beam of attraction. 

Later, as I pulled these same needles out of the fabric I was sewing, I set them next to the tools beside me. They still carried the magnetic charge for many hours after collecting them with the large wand,  and they got stuck to each other and (frustratingly) to my scissors.

Then, an epiphany  – 

This is how the magnetic presence of Divine Love works

This thread ran through my consciousness as I completed my project, stitching the pieces of my surroundings into a larger fabric of comprehension. 

While I work on a project, I often listen to documentaries to research my writing.    It just so happens that I was listening to Season 1 of the Hidden Origins Series with Michael Tellinger (on Gaia). In several of his episodes, Tellinger  discusses ideas about how the Ancients used sound for healing and levitation.  He explains in great detail  the mechanics of how a dragonfly uses sound to create lift to fly. This was particularly intriguing, as I had an experience with a giant dragonfly a few weeks before.

I had opened the door to let the dogs out and found a stunned dragonfly laying on the doormat. It was a miracle it wasn’t stomped by my five pooches. It was especially cold and windy that day, so I brought it inside to warm it up. It was a giant specimen, watermelon-tourmaline in color with crisp, iridescent wings.  I held it in the palm of my hand as I watched him vibrate those tiny, perfect screens on his back vigorously, but it could not gain flight.  Eyes turned microscope as I admired its beauty and showered it with love.  

I continued to hear the occasional hum of its wings within the leaves of my houseplants as he tried to recover from the blows of his plummet.  It was curiously out-of-character for me not to be completely engrossed by the symbolic meaning of dragonfly, but I realize, now, that the message of my insect visitor was connected to Tellinger’s information. 

I begin to join the connections of this intellectual information and the recent occurrences  with the magnetized needles and the dragonfly. This invited the Higher Intelligence of my Being to pour forth…

The more each individual on Earth raises the frequency of their whole being, the less [strangle]hold the power  structure has on the people. One by one, the magnetic presence [of fully activated heart] expands from one person to the other. Like the needles magnetized by the magnet that captures them, they too magnetize the utensils around them. 

Like the magnet, once a heart is aligned to Divine Love, there is a force of strength so powerful that pulls to it all that is in alignment with it; nothing can interfere with the attraction. An object completely magnetized with the Force of Divine Love  affects all the other metal objects around it; this aligns the atomic changes of the other electro-magnetic bonds in the molecules of the surrounding objects, creating a gravity towards the magnetic source. 

Magnets also repel objects NOT in polarized alignment with it.  This becomes a protective force around you. In this way, you will both attract and repel things in your life that are in perfect polarity to your Divine Purpose. 

The more we use the Sacred Fire, the more we grow the magnetic force of Divine Love within our hearts; Its force, once it has gained enough momentum, creates a homeostasis of electromagnetic field around us and affects not only the events of OUR lives but the lives of those around us, the LIFE that exists around us. 

Our newly charged personal field literally changes the atmosphere and elemental beings around us. The imprints of these elemental beings in the  ethers begin to coalesce and take form, drawn to the magnetic force of Divine Love and Innocence in our field. They  find the air they need to breathe and take shape in this sacred space we  create around us. Each deep inhalation of love we take and expel is a breath they may take in.

What does this have to do with a dragonfly? Hang with me…

The magnetic force of Love within our hearts moves through the currents of chemical electricity in our bodies and creates an electromagnetic field.  This process actually causes us to become a speaker, a biological speaker:

“In order to translate an electrical signal into an audible sound, speakers contain an electromagnet: a metal coil which creates a magnetic field when an electric current flows through it…The electromagnet is attached to a cone made of a flexible material such as paper or plastic which amplifies these vibrations, pumping sound waves into the surrounding air. (


Now, we are more complex than paper or plastic or metal, so you can imagine the frequencies we emit when we “at-tune”  ourselves to the higher magnetic frequencies of the heart! We  can at-tune ourselves through our voice using Sacred Fire and I AM decrees, and expanding the various frequencies of Love; the most magnetic frequency of all – Gratitude.  So, if a dragonfly uses sound to levitate itself can we concentrate our electromagnetism to our physical center like a speaker and create lift? If not (initially) physically, most certainly energetically. 

Imagine now our broadcast transmitting beyond what our ears can hear, transmitting beyond the physical dimension and into the invisible dimensions all around us. If we can allow this concept to sink into our hearts, we can imagine that the coil that creates the magnetic field is that of the awakened kundalini energy, the serpents of light spiraling around the caduceus of our center. The electric pulses of our energy are strengthened and  amplified with the dedicated use of Sacred Fire decrees/meditation, and the more we employ them, the more they gain momentum to keep the fire alit throughout our day. This increases the reach of our  magnetic field, creating an elevated biological homeostasis from which we express our Consciousness.  

Further enlisting our imagination, we can see other mechanical connections to our multi-body system as a speaker. Pulses from our physical heartbeat, our electric circuitry, and our voice move this cylindrical coil; our more subtle emotional and mental bodies become the membranes connected to this center. Like the cone that transmits the sound, our field is connected to the “cone” of our personal toroidal energy, and, rather than the paper or plastic of a basic speaker, this cone uses the density of our body’s water to transmit the sound frequencies in this physical dimension.  

I ask you here to further stretch your imagination to connect the idea of sonoluminescence, the phenomena of sound producing light.  Scientists still do not  fully understand exactly how this happens at certain frequencies, but I venture to say, if a mantis shrimp can produce this effect with the snap of its claws, then I know we can create the same effect with the pop of Sacred Fire effervescence that can burst through us.

I encourage you to give audience to Tellinger’s docu-series , Hidden Origins,  to explore further discussion on sound and levitation . For me, the commingling of intellectual stimulation, life experience, and spiritual experience has resulted in these multiverse connections. Perhaps, if we continue to grow the energy of Sacred Fire Love within our heart center, we could elevate our personal magnetic field high enough to not only radiate light, but also to levitate our physical bodies. This “superhuman” possibility leads us to an even greater possibility –  that of spontaneous DNA manifestation, which we will explore in another post. 

If we follow our imagination, it will lead us to an intuitive knowingness that lives within our heart. Our imagination allows us possibilities that our static intellect does not. If there is a greater purpose to knowing HOW something is done, then the science will catch up and it will be revealed,  but we don’t have to know how something works in order to enjoy the benefits of it. We don’t have to know how the mechanics of a car works to drive to our destination; we just have to get in and enjoy the ride! As Albert Einstein once stated, “Imagination is more important than knowledge.”  

Getting too caught up in the ego’s demand for proof can stifle our growth, and our possibilities.  Imagination allows us to tap into our creative potential as creator beings, and if something does not already exist, by simply imagining it, we can call it forth into manifestation, with a snap of our mantis claws!

We indeed create a light signature with the sounds we create  in a very scientific, yet magical way. We can become radiant beacons of colorful song that can both attract and heal the elemental kingdom, and the elements themselves. In turn, we can also protect our body, our loved ones with this same magnetic force by creating an impenetrable field  all around us. 

Photo by Jacub Gomez

So, the question begs asking. What frequency are you transmitting to the various dimensions of LIFE around you?

Are you contributing to the cacophony of static energy around you? Or are you nurturing the inner glow of your heart’s melody?

Has your dragonfly become grounded from the cold world outside and lost its Heart-song? 

There is still time to gain flight! His wings continue to vibrate for quite a while before the fire extinguishes altogether.  Fire-up your dragonfly heart to vibrate its melody through your iridescent wings and take flight once again! Grow the magnetic force of Sacred Fire Love in your heart and transform the composition of your multi- body system into a harmonizing device to heal our culture, and our world!

Celeste Sophia

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