Innocence and Sunlight – A Magical Alchemy.

When I was a teenager, I purchased a piece of pottery that I admired for many years. It had a Hopi saying on it that I resonated deeply with, but I never understood why. 

Innocence has been a theme that has been emerging strongly in my meditations lately. I wrote an article a couple days ago about how the dark forces presently  try to steal it from us, and today, another layer unfolded in my consciousness. 

As I sat in the morning sunlight, I could feel the alchemy of the warm radiation swirling within me and unfold its Wisdom. 

Sunlight creates the only vegan source of natural vitamin D3, which is crucial to our physical body’s health. Sunlight also creates a certain alchemy within us that transcends the biological benefits. We are made of stardust and earth-dust, which combine in astounding ways if we take in enough sunshine. 

Sunlight. It organizes and arranges these cosmic and planetary elements within our physicality to catalyze  a blending of the the spiritual stardust with the physical earth-dust. Like a seed that cracks from the  combination of natural elements in the warm sunshine,  we sprout the crystalline structure within us to welcome the higher frequencies of divine perfection. The supernal elements we require for this evolution, however,  transcend the  physical elements. 

Innocence, Purity, and Gratitude. These are the cosmic energies we require to elicit this alchemical evolution of our Being. Like the physical radiation of the sun, the radiation of these energies encourage the human evolution from 3-D to 5-D constructs more thoroughly and expediently.  Gratitude magnetizes the points of our emotional/mental/physical  sphere into our perfect geometric signature while Innocence and Purity invite our higher divinity to anchor. When our physical/spiritual receptors are set, Love and Joy spill in to power the entire alchemical reaction into our ultimate transformation. When we become aware of this alchemy that happens within us and it coincides with the Schaumman Resonance of the planet, huge strides in our evolution are anchored within us and the planet,  which sets the stage for the next Golden Age to emerge. 

So, tap into your innate Innocence and  live every day like a child in the sun. Let the Joy of the experience wash over you so that this quantum alchemy can transform you into that Higher Being of your quintessential Divine Presence. 

Sacred Fire Love,


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