‘Hours dreadful and things strange’: A Literal and Energetic Attack on Innocence.

I woke with the Grieving Presence again – the feeling that you breathe, but you get no air even though your lungs are full …that emotional pressure upon your heart like an anvil of desperation upon your chest keeping you from getting out of bed. Yeah, that feeling.

In the affliction of these terrible dreams/ That shake us nightly.

It is quite strange that this description almost illustrates the “pandemic” symptoms of COVID-19; maybe the  collective energetic of this fear is traveling through my system as well… We certainly have been living in Macbethean times….  By the clock ’tis day, And yet dark night strangles the travelling lamp.  I couldn’t seem to shed the feeling of desperation, but I got out of bed anyway. I suspect much of my dismay had to do with my wakeful reading.

I have been pressed – compelled – to delve into the atrocity of the outer world events. Things bad begun make strong themselves by ill.  I have seen evidence of very evil attacks,  upon our children, upon our American Dream, upon our Constitutional rights. Children have been sacrificed in satanic rituals …finger of a birth-strangled babe,  trafficked in human slavery, exploited, tortured, and harmed from vaccinations.   Double, double, toil and trouble Hopeful people have been “scammed” by various networking schemes and investment banking fraud.   Fire burn and cauldron bubble.  Government mandates slowly erode our Constitution…. By the prick of my thumb, something wicked this way comes… as we allow them to dictate the how , the when, the why of our whereabouts with these ridiculous curfews and social distancing protocols, decimating our economy.

Taking it all in and trying to transmute all of this nefarious activity has taken a toll on my human mental/emotional/physical construct. Full of scorpions is my mind!  All of it just seems too much!

So, I forced myself upstairs and entered the sacred space of my private communion with Source. A stream of Conscious Awareness poured into me various fragments of image ,emotion, and instantaneous comprehension that coalesced into one crystal clear theme :


The cruelty we see our helpless children and trusting animals suffer is a reflection of the direct attack on the innermost core of our (collective) Being – INNOCENCE.


Essential Harmlessness.


These are the quintessential elements of our innate divinity. These are the very love-light particles of our composition that make the common man or woman truly a son or daughter of The Divine Creator. Without these foundational elements, we could not be the Creator Beings we truly are. The magnetic center of this Triad is Innocence, the most indispensable element of a Creator Being.

This is precisely why the sinister agents seek to consume It. They lack Innocence, but in order to create permanent manifestations, Innocence must be part of the equation. So, they seek to control and devour It from us to sustain themselves and their plans.

Under attack for centuries, Innocence is the jewel of our heart. Innocence is the sister of Purity and Essential Harmlessness; together they form a geometric triangulation for which one’s true Joy – the fuel of perfect creation – can express.  Innocence pulses Purity and Essential Harmlessness from the inner most sanctum of our hearts. Innocence is THE defining quality of a Divine Being of Love-Light. So, how did Innocence become so diminished among us?   

The attack upon this most precious jewel could not have gained momentum without the complete deterioration of the protective triangulation – TRUTH , HONOR , INTEGRITY-  that guards it.

Where have these qualities lessened in our personal/societal relationships?  How has our American culture supplanted these qualities with lies and evil corruption in Hollywood and politics? One doesn’t have to dig very deep to see the satanic influence upon either, or to feel the loss of such invaluable attributes within these arenas.

Fair is foul and Foul is fair …..False face must hide what false heart doth know.

These public platforms of performance, whether artistic or political, became increasingly deceptive by perpetuating repetitive narratives of the elite few sub-humans who pull the strings from behind. 

The list of lies and corruption that support the elite dark agendas is pervasive. From fluoride in our water, to vaccinations, to sunscreen, to geoengineered weather; to bioengineered food;  to fraudulent practices in financial institutions and government bailouts; to human and drug trafficking ; to false-flag events that trigger new three-letter government agencies to emerge (NSA, DHS, etc.) and erode our civil liberties; to hidden symbols in  our broadcast “programming” and cinematic productions; to certain “officers of the peace” who abuse their power; even to the complete “neutralization” of gender identity in our language (wxman) and political correctness, the list seems endless, yet it is far from complete! At first glance, all these various attacks seem unrelated, but given a deeper look, they all have one thing in common: HARMFULNESS. 

From the seemingly innocuous aggrandizement of transgenderism (which fosters identity confusion) to the stupendous assaults against our human rights (which strips us of our power),  elite pawns of darkness seek to devour our innate Innocence through confusion and corruption our moral center. Pure Innocence is in every way an opposing frequency to immorality or harmfulness. Without morals, ethical behavior becomes a thing of the past, and malicious acts become normalized (such is the case of the Cannibal Club restaurant, for example).  Fostering such a culture of immorality conditions people to accept vile and wicked acts as commonplace (just look at the amount of VIOLENCE on our screens) to undisputedly allow a landscape upon which the dark minions can continue to traumatize our Innocence in varying degrees. 

So, what of Truth, Honor, and Integrity? Without them, our Innocence has no safe outlet to express. If She were ever given a chance to mature Her expression in our lives, however, our radiance would create such a beacon of light, it would drive these satanic cannibals right off this planet. 

Truth, Honor, and Integrity are the critical protectors of Innocence and in order for one to behave with these essential qualities, one must have their emotional frequencies present in his/her heart. How far have we come from a practice of upholding these qualities?

Honoring one’s word, even when it’s difficult to keep? 

Holding the armor of Integrity to protect Truth by choosing honesty over deception? 

Taking inventory of one’s (in)actions to ensure (s)he behaves without injury toward another? 

By choosing to uphold these qualities in these very basic ways, we can strengthen our fortitude to defend our quality of Innocence and  have a safe place for It to express. 

It has taken a lot of deep-state manipulation of our thoughts/feelings/bodies to try and completely snuff out this natural quality we inherently possess, but the nefarious forces that try to devour It have not been victorious in eradicating It (though they sure are coming close). 

I see  INNOCENCE and PURITY still alive in myself and others who – despite all of the dark agendas – still have a naturally trusting heart, who believe in the ultimate goodness of people, and who hold moral fortitude as a barometer for his/her behavior. Our Innocence, though,  has been our greatest gift, and our greatest vulnerability. 

 I see this vulnerability in the many ways most are easily manipulated by propaganda, not because they are stupid/gullible, but because they are naturally , innocently trusting. (Gullibility only enters the equation because lies and manipulation have been used.) 

I see it in those who still trust that the government and religion have our best interest at heart; accusations of atrocities such as pedophilia/ritual sacrifice by religious leaders/politicians are simply too obscene to believe because  it just does not compute to our natural INNOCENCE.  (No natural/healthy man or woman could ever conceive of vicious cruelty toward innocent children or pets.) 

I see this vulnerability in hopeful, bright faces that look to others open-heartedly and trustingly, only to be scammed by another’s self-interest. Then I see the same faces become contorted with betrayal when they discover they have been duped. (If you have ever fallen prey to the likes of such deviousness, never be ashamed of being “duped,” for the insult is truly on the deceiver, not YOU.)

We are born into a world of deception and corruption, and when our trusting/innocent nature is weakened by numerous and varied attacks upon it, we arm ourselves in defense with robust skepticism. Though the current conditions in this world require a strong sense of discernment when measuring the validity of another’s words or intentions, I caution against falling into the trap of stalwart skepticism, for this too takes a toll on the Innocence and Purity of our hearts. 

Becoming too entrenched in skepticism keeps us from opening ourselves to the existence of Innocence at all, and that closes us off to the Beauty and Magic life has to offer. An over abundance of skepticism erodes TRUST – another CRITICAL ingredient to connection with Source (yet another layer to the sinister plot).  So, how does one navigate this bleak third-dimensional landscape without diminishing our Innocence, Purity, or Essential Harmlessness?

We employ the Alchemy of the Sacred Fire. 

Innocence and Purity are the KEY missing ingredients we require to alchemize our present state from darkness to illumination and to neutralize the dark agenda’s goals. Since these qualities have been so diminished in the outer world, we need to foster the conditions within us to allow them to more fully express around us and counter the effects of the dark agenda. But how do we use the Sacred Fires to do this? 

Create a disciplined ritual of using the Violet Flames to purify yourself from the effects of the outer world influence. Use visualization, vocal mantra, and intention to create a force field within your heart where your Innocence can once again unfurl her wings. There is no flame more effective in purifying one from the effects of this world than the Violet Flames, and once you have “titrated” enough Purity in your 3-D construct, you can employ the more refined practice of focused alchemy with the Sacred Fires. Augment your sacred practice by accompanying it with impeccable behavior in your daily life, and you are sure to encourage Innocence to stretch Her reach as an increase in daily laughter.   

Practice behavior that exemplifies Honor, Truth, and Integrity. Keep your word when you give it. Be honest and forthright. Be authentic even when it isn’t attractive.  Witness others in their Truth, even if it challenges yours. Defend another’s right to (harmlessly) live according to their own inner guidance. Defend anyone who is being injured by another; this will strengthen your own Essential Harmlessness. Creating such conditions around you will create conditions that will foster a safe environment for all of our Innocence to bloom. 

Innocence and Purity bring childlike laughter and joy, so taking time to play  will give an outlet for them to express. Play in a way that does no harm to another in word or deed (no sarcasm or trickery),  and we will be able to safeguard all that keeps us truly Children of God.

The enduring goodness of people is an undeniable testament to our divine Innocence. And if we can have a chance to allow Innocence and Purity to fully mature, the more joyful and beautiful our manifestations on this planet will be!  Like Macduff’s victory over the dark plots that sought to snuff him out, the ploys of the dark agenda will come to Light, and,  by the grace of Grace/We will perform in measure, time, and place.  

No matter how desperate the horizon may appear, my friends, the human heart’s Innocence is imperishable and Its Light will always prevail!

May the Jewel of Innocence ever anchor your intuitive compass toward your Divine Purpose!

In Sacred Fire Love,


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