Corruption – A Function of a Corrupted Heart

When one looks at all of the vile depravity of the world, all the  examples of violence against children and animals, all the  fraudulent exchanges among government and corporate entities, all of the various ways information is manipulated to promote certain nefarious agendas, all of the attempts to dissolve our rights as living, breathing Beings (and so so much more), one can feel overwhelmed with despair at just how horrific it has become to presently live on this planet. How did people become so corrupted to begin with?

This is the essential question to examine, for if we can explore the possibilities of how such corruption became so prevalent, we may have a chance to reverse such corruption.

Heavenly Source heard my query and offered some insight…

The corrupted heart. Corruption can only be created from a corrupted heart. This is THE common denominator in ALL offenses against the people. If the corruption of the heart can be reconciled, then all of the social symptoms of violence and crime will dissolve.

But where do we begin?

We begin at the beginning of the end, the end of our connectedness to Source.

The Fall from Grace. The famous decent from divinity. The effects of this collective decision to separate ourselves from our connectedness to Mother/Father God – something no Creator race had ever done before – has caused a contusion in our heart so immense that eons have passed and it still hasn’t healed. 

This contusion – a result from the *smack* of our decision – created instantaneous regret and a deep sorrow that still quakes through our collective unconscious.  The knowingness attributed to our divine connection to Source was replaced by an inability to remember. Together, our regret, sorrow, and forgetfulness grew into the “original sin” that we all took on as humans. 

The word “sin” in Spanish means “without,” and this echos through the truest meaning of this idea of “original sin,” for it exemplifies our decision to act/live “without” our connection to God Source. This “original sin” perceived  the paramount lie of our race – the lie that we were ABANDONED by God , cast out of paradise and left to fend for ourselves. 

In reality, this is the great experiment that had never been attempted before! Could a creator-race still evolve according to divine plan without the direct connection to Source? 

—- Not without creating destructive conditions that would prolong our eventual remembrance —-

The feeling of unworthiness of God’s love IS the deep rooted contusion of our “fall from Grace,” it is the ultimate lie. But the blow was too immense, the wound still lives in our collective heart.

Our heart is our creative source, and from a wounded heart we created wounded conditions, conditions that reflect the deepest, most foul expressions of ourselves to reinforce the lie of original sin, the lie of abandonment, rejection and unworthiness. This lie reinforces our separation from Source and the resulting crimes and violence and wicked harm to innocent beings becomes a projection of the wickedness humans carry in the collective heart.

This lie was reinforced for so long that our acceptance of it turned it into a belief that would drive many to continue to create and act from a deep feeling of unworthiness and rejection. 

If a lie is reinforced long enough, it becomes a belief, and a belief in a creator-being has the power of becoming reality, even if it is untrue.

This has been our downfall, but it is also our salvation!

Though we lost our easy-access to Source and our ability to remember the knowingness of our divine nature, we didn’t lose our ability to CREATE. 

Our created living conditions on this planet reflect our ancient woundedness from the lie of Original Sin, but, now that we can access the distant TRUTH of our worthiness and essential DIVINITY, we can begin the work of healing this wound. 

Our outward expressions of social interaction with each other becomes a barometer for our collective healing with this:

If there is still atrocity in the world, there is still atrocity in our collective heart and a veil upon our remembrance.

We can see the hellish conditions we have managed to create on this planet because of a single belief in the ultimate lie of original sin, but what would happen if we began to espouse the Truth of our Divine nature? 

Now, I’m not talking about adopting a “god-complex;” this couldn’t be further from the Truth that I am trying to express here. A god-complex implies a “holier than thou” mentality, which involves the arrogance of the altered-ego, and it is precisely this altered-ego that perpetuated the Ultimate Lie from the beginning. No, this human ego – the part of ourselves that sees division and separation – needs healing and recalibrating so that we might access and experience the grander Truth of our whole BEING. 

What I am talking about is aligning with the possibility that we are indeed divine creators. That would give us the ability – the responsibility – to reverse these dreadful conditions on our planet and empower us to create the radiant changes that we truly desire to experience here. 

We do this by reinforcing the Truth rather than the lie. We reinforce the Truth that we are Love, Innocence, Purity, Light, Liberty, Beauty, Victory – all those quintessential energetics of our divine constitution. The more we reinforce this, the more Love and Light we carry within us and align all the aspects of our Being. Truth is not only perceived by the Mind, it is comprehended in the Heart. The more we work to purify and heal our hearts from all that belies the Truth of our divinity, the more we create the inner conditions that reflects the world in which we wish to live. 

Do not look for this to be reinforced to you in the outer world, for it reflects all the harmful depravity of a collective heart wounded by the Ultimate Lie. It is our work to reverse such conditions. 

No, you must still the noise and distraction of the world around you and plunge into the depths of your heart until you see the tiny Light of God within you. (Perhaps this mandated social isolation may be just what we require to begin this recalibration.)

Even if you have trouble seeing or experiencing this divine Light, hold fast to the belief that you’re Light is indeed there, for as a creator-being, you WILL summon it to spontaneously arise through your God-given powers of creation. 

Reinforcing the TRUTH. This is the function of Sacred Decree. This is where we can begin to reconstruct the energetics within us to build our Radiance, and in doing so, begin to reconstruct the Radiance of our outer world. 

Do you feel the call, Beloved? Do you feel the distant twinkle of Truth begging you to call It into form?  Do you feel your golden stardust quivering within as you read this? 

If so, create your I AM statements – I AM LOVE, I AM LIGHT, and so forth, and allow that to spill throughout your senses. Call upon your divinity, your Mighty I AM Presence , to pour forth its Grace upon you and reconcile your humanity back into alignment with Source. If we all make a practice to reinforce the Truth of our divinity, we will eventually EXPERIENCE the Truth of that divinity.

If not, just pretend! 

Pre-tend: Pre = before; tend = regularly or frequently behave in a particular way or have a certain characteristic. 

Make the characteristics of Love, Light, Grace, Gratitude, Forgiveness alive in your Being through your behavior and imagine the Truth of your I AM decrees and, as a creator-being,  you will make them your reality with the momentum of your practice. 

Look what has been created through the momentum of lies…imagine what can be created with the momentum of TRUTH!!!!

In humble service and devotion to The Flame of Truth, 


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