Sacred Fire Dragon Council of Mu – Part 2

Twelve representatives are in attendance; twelve dragons are all that remain on the planet’s elemental ethers, three for each of the four elements. White radiance dances  upon each dragon, soft fiery feathers flare in varying hues to punctuate each silhouette. 

Earthen dragons sit solidly in a halo of amber and emerald feathers.  Water dragons sit fluidly in a halo of jade and cerulean feathers. Air dragons hover stationary in a halo of various hues of blue and white feathers. Fire dragons swirl various hues of deep marigold feathers. The heart center of the dragon counterparts matched that his/her human’s heart flame, giving each a unique radiant signature emitting from their jeweled core. Sophia saw herself between two other priests in the circle and Aurora radiating a marigold halo she had never seen before. 

Glittery dragon-pollen swirls above the crown of each dragon and coalesces above the circle  at the center, forming a sphere where the dragons speak as one voice, one heart. Though the sounds express a simultaneous symphony of information, Sophia and the other priests require to separate the information individually to ascertain the meaning in their human minds in a linear fashion. Individual bands of rainbow light emit from the sphere as it communicates The Knowing of Seraphielle into each of the priests. Light and sound move in rhythmic geometries as the rolling baritone of the Dragons communicate  their message:

The stronger the cauldrons of the Sacred Fire burn in the temples, the more radiance they can offer to those who do not have time to learn The Ways before the Darkness corrupts the Heart of Mankind completely. The brighter the cauldrons glow, the  stronger the imprint upon the planetary ethers will be to later summon the Flames back on the physical plane. The more people you can share the radiance of your light, the same light of Sacred Fire that emits from the cauldrons, the more you will be able to keep from being completely consumed by the Darkness’s forgetfulness. The more people you can convince to join you at the various portals, the more you will protect from the DragonFire of Kalisekmet.

A clear moving image forms to illustrate the message further. ..

Priests holding hands with various people at the geometric portals, extending the Sacred Fire from their hearts through their hands and into all those joined together. The Sacred Fire Knowing of the Seraphielle is dispersed into all those joined. When the Flame has stretched into each individual, however, the priest no longer has full remembrance, and the Flame fades. With it, fades the memory of the Sacred Fire.

The communication continues…

Without the remembrance of the Flame in the Heart, humankind will fall victim to the insanity of the crooked mind and they will fall deeper and deeper into forgetfulness that snuffs out all but the ashes of a Sacred Fire Heart. The DragonFire of Kalisekmet will blaze away the growth the Heart of Darkness from descending any further from the Divine Heart Flame and draw a permanent boundary of limitation that it can not surpass. It will be up to the people to battle the demons of their own creation and grow the Sacred Fire back into their heart. The decent will reach far into the future, but  the Celestial Bodies of Graceful Force will align when enough of the Sacred Fire has returned to the hearts of the people. As a result, a great conjunction will  fold time-space upon itself and all the ancient wisdom of the past will spill into the bended knot of the future so that all the dragons and elementals may return to the planet in joyful celebration once again.  We Seraphielle , agree upon this sacrifice to temporarily molt our radiance into a scaly hide and spew the purifying physical fires of Kalisekmet  to ensure the return of the Sacred Fire upon the planet. Will you assist us during the alignment of the Celestial Bodies of Graceful Force?  Will you covenant with us? 

Whimpers and tears from the priest(ess)s’  heart-meld express a unified agreement. 

We offer you the unified Breath of The Seraphielle, which carries with it the gifts of all the dragons present, and all the dragons who’ve departed. It offers the magic of all the elements, all the wisdom of the dragon, the collective Sacred Fire Love of the Seraphielle to interface with your own Soul-Jewel so that you may carry the remembrance codes in your cells even when the capacity of the mental body fades. 

Each priest/priestess agrees to have their signature cell branded by the dragon breath, which will follow them throughout any physical body. (But, it can only be activated in the body that has generated a sufficient mass of Sacred Fire.) They cup their hands before their heart center and project a deep Sacred Fire breath into the soul-jewel of his/her signature cell within their hands. A rainbow offering of spherical eggs is lifted toward the center of the circle and bands of light penetrate each egg with a unique geometric symbol to hold the dragon code. A symphony of music and light escapes from the center sphere embedding a unique chiaskra chant into each of the egg-jewels. Each accompanying dragon sprinkles dragon-pollen upon the egg to highlight the sacred symbol upon the individual soul-jewels before the priest(ess)s inhale the cosmic eggs back into their heart flames. All in the circle bow in humility and reverence to the center sphere that dissolves back into the attending dragons. 

Sophia and Aurora exit the Hoop of Oneness and return to the mode of physical communication.  

“You will all be remembered as villians!” Sophia burst into tears. She felt Aurora’s wispy wing wipe her face. 

“And you will forget when you spend the Sacred Fire flame into all those you’ve managed to gather, so we both make sacrifice for the greater.” Aurora peered deep into Sophia’s eyes down into her Soul, as if creating a signature constellation upon her heart so to remember her. “The chiaskra, the chant, it will follow you into whatever form you take, and it will trigger remembrance in your cells, remembrance of me, remembrance of all the Seraphielle.” Aurora continues.

“It will be a song of awakening to all the Sacred Fire Dragons yet to hatch from the heart of the people. In this way, the dragons will return again, in their true form, as embodiments of the Sacred Fire Love-Light, living extensions of the Sacred Fire Heart of those who honor the Divine Flame of Sophia-Ra; to be representatives of the Seraphielle from the Great Central Sun of the Multiverse. This is our Purpose, to breathe the Sacred Fire into the areas where it wanes, and to be a voice of Sacred Fire Wisdom to any who would receive. But we need our emissaries to invite and invoke us through the chiaskra.” Aurora raised and angled eye from her glistening, elongated face, her eyes now a deep violet hue. 

“Wow, you sure know how to prove a point.” Sophia sniffled and wiped her remaining tears upon her sleeve. 

“My love, it is hard for a dragon not to impart the magnitude of her knowing, even when using the language of the voice.” Aurora curled her feathery tail around Sophia and drew her closer to her breast. Sophia had to close her eyes from the luminosity.

“Can you turn that down just a bit?” Aurora dimmed her illumination to a softer glow. “Thank you.”

“We’re in this together, are we not?” Aurora extended ribbons of teal-flame from her heart and wrapped Sophia within it. 

“Of course we are,” as Sophia wrapped the teal ribbons of her heart around Aurora’s heart. 

They spoke as one voice, the code of their bond:

I am a Being of Sacred Fire, setting the world ablaze.

I am a Being of Sacred Fire, showing them the ways.

I am a Being of Sacred Fire, purified and free.

I am a Being of Sacred Fire, walking in divinity.

Flames of rainbow fire set them both aglow as they unified their heart flames in Sacred Fire breath. 

Into the darkness of half-truth and forgotten-covenant the priests and dragons navigated the the masses until the Fires of Kalisekmeht scorched the land to purify and protect the atmosphere from any further collective corruption. Branded upon the collective myth as evil, the dragons became the villains, but the seeds of the Truth of their contribution would remain in the cosmic eggs within the hearts of the last twelve. They  would be the first to remember and awaken the sleeping dragons from the mists of the ethereal elements. 

Centuries of time will pass before Sophia and her sisters will remember the chiaskra chant that whispers in their hearts. Chimes, melodies, sacred sounds will begin to ring in their ears and swirl in their minds; they will be compelled to chant and not know what they are saying. This will compel the ancient chiaskra to align and take form once again within them, and ,  upon the great alignment of the Celestial Bodies of Graceful Force , the modern-ancient priest(ess) will summon the Presence of the Sacred Fire Dragons of Sophia-Ra to return once again in their TRUE form – a blessing upon the planet and the people.   

That time draws near…do you hear, my friend, the chiaskra toning through your heart? The Sacred Fire Dragon Council of Mu recalls its members to ready their post and sing awake the dragon eggs of the collective Sacred Fire heart of  the people.  Together the dragons and their emissaries will spread and grow the Sacred Flames back upon the planet. Together, they- we – will diminish the darkness with the alchemical power of the divine heart.  Together we will sing our people free! 

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