Sacred Fire Dragon Council of Mu – Part 1

Remember me…. Remember me….

Fragments swirl around my mind as I sit in the silence. My lungs expand an inhalation as I sink deeper into what Aurora desires me to remember…

It was a time of great darkness upon the planet. Mankind had been consumed by the chaotic darkness once again. Only twelve Sacred Fire cauldrons remained lit on the planet, and the light would soon be consumed by the sinister energies that had taken humanity hostage. Sickness of mind and heart spread throughout the lands like a disease with every malicious  thought and word of the people. The ways of honoring the individual and communal Sacred Fire scattered from the remembrance  of the people like  ashen flakes upon the wind. Such traditions were kept alive now only by the priestesses who tended the temple cauldrons. 

Only a handful of Sacred Fire Dragons had remained, hidden in the deep mountain caves of select areas. The Sacred Fire priest(ess)es  were the only ones who intuitively knew where the magnificent creatures lingered, for each of them had a dragon mentor who had remained behind to finish the encoding of the Etheric Geometries. One such priestess made her way to the mouth of  the Long Barrow. 

Sophia placed her forehead upon the giant egg-shaped stone before the opening to the cave. Her third eye saw that Aurora slept curled inside. Though she knew that Aurora could sense her presence, Sophia appeased Aurora’s love of chiaskra; she stood back from the stone and pulled out a chyne from her emerald cloak. She struck the forked instrument upon her large gold bracelet and moved with geometric precision as she began her chant:

“Auroraaa” “Auroraaah ah ah ah” Auroruaah ah ah ah a a”. Her chant beckoned her elemental friend from her hiding place.

White-gold wings spun like a pinwheel, and by the time Sophia had completed the chiaskra, Aurora had materialized before her, an opalescent beauty of white radiance punctuated with various wisps of peacock and ibis flecks at the tips of her scalloped hide. Though Aurora did not materialize in her full size, she was still much larger than Sophia. Though reduced in size,  she never diminished her radiant light; her heart center a teal jewel of Living Flame shines like a sun beneath her white opalescent form. 

“Why do you make me do that every time?” Sophia put away her instrument. “ I know full well that you sense my presence before you, yet you won’t appear before my physical eyes unless I sing you that song. I know that you don’t need the sound geometry of the chiaskra to appear….”

Aurora responded in her deep, yet soothing, roaring-fire voice, “Have you forgotten the importance of keeping the ancient ways? Has the sickness begun to touch you, daughter?”

“No, of course not.” 

“It is the chiaskra that will continue to bind us together, even when you forget me.”

“I could never forget you.” Sophia looked at the magnificence of Aurora’s defined face, shining like diamonds, cutting the space around her with warmth and beauty. Her large cosmic eyes held the wisdom of many galaxies within them and their dark hue gave a place for Sophia’s eyes to rest from the movement of Sacred Fire radiance that Aurora’s constitution emitted. 

“The sickness upon the land is getting too thick for even the priests to keep at bay, and soon, we will no longer be able to commune in this way.”

“I could never forget you,” Sophia felt the first stone her inner temple crumble  and fall into the ocean of her heart. Tears welled up in her eyes as the truth of what Aurora said sank into her own knowing. “Our hearts burn with the same Sacred Fire flame, as long as I can breathe, I will breathe life into it. Our Flame is eternal.” 

“Yes, our Flame is eternal, but the darkness has altered the fabric of physicality upon the planet to no longer yield the multitude of years in a physical embodiment as what was once available to The Order. When your Flame leaves your body, many centuries will pass before the Seraphielle will be able to return.” 

Sophia felt another stone crumble into her heart’s ocean with these words.  

“And those of us who remain, must take up the mantle of responsibility to ensure our future return, and to alter our Flame to reduce the impact of The Darkness upon the hearts of man.”

“What do you mean ‘alter your flame’?” Sophia squinted. “Your flame is my flame. It could never harm a living thing. It is the very spark of life itself!”  Sophia could feel a cold tingle upon her skin. What is this dragon talking about?

“Yes, indeed. I can not exist in this realm without our Unified Flame, and for the work that awaits us, I need your cooperation.”

“Cooperation in altering your flame? Our flame? ”

“No, my love, in helping me purify what I can with the least amount of casualties as possible.” 

“Casualties? Just exactly what are you talking about?”

“Perhaps this will be easier if we enter the Hoop of Oneness.”

Sophia curled up beneath Aurora’s inviting wing. They both closed their eyes and entered the Hoop of Oneness that illuminated the ground beneath them. The threads of their Heart-flames formed a Flower of Life inside the Hoop and speech was no longer necessary. Sophia and Aurora followed the lines of the geometry to the center and their consciousness was unified to commune telepathically to enter the Akashic Records of the time-space around them. 

Sophia saw a creature flying above her, but she had never seen a creature like that before. Its scream cut across the sky and its breath was a destructive torch of orange fire upon the lands beneath it, turning all to ruin. 

Is that?


Sophia already knew the answer. It was Aurora, destroying the city. Agony and grief bound their heart as they both cried water and diamonds. 

They move backward upon the Akashic Web to a moment before Aurora completely transforms into a reptilian caricature of her True Being. Sophia sees herself going to the last Ciboriatrium to call Aurora, who breathes her Sacred Fire Flame upon the temple cauldron, expanding what’s left of the Sacred Fire diminished by the peoples’ Heart of Darkness. 

No longer were the people coming to the temples to nourish themselves in the Flame. No longer was the Flame being nourished by the individual heart flames of the people. With each exhale, Aurora’s illumination becomes less radiant, and her opalescent feathery body reveals scales beneath the normal downy texture. 

Traveling further back the Akashic Web, Sophia sees her temple sisters and brothers gather with their dragon counterparts in the great Sacred Fire Dragon Council of Mu to discuss the plan to save the Sacred Fire on the planet. She sees herself and Aurora in attendance at the Grand Mandala Parlor beneath the Lake of Mirrors to listen in at the plan. Knowing the future of what lies ahead for the dragons, she scans the circle with her vision to drink in every detail of the beauty, wisdom, and radiance of the dragons in attendance, each closely resembling that of their priest/ess counterpart. 

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