Wrapped in the Wings of Isis

The soft, alabaster face of an ancient goddess appeared in my dream. She stared at me with beautifully defined amber eyes and a serpent around her neck; her hair floating a chestnut cloud about her head as other snakes streamed through the strands. Her face was clear for a moment, then faded into the blue sky behind her when the coppery serpent around her neck “broke open.” The serpent lingered in the space where she was for a moment, before it too evaporated. I woke shortly after… 

This dream reminded me of a VERY VERY intense interaction with Goddess Isis a couple of years back. A golden serpent was around my neck, and Isis led me by the outstretched snake to follow her.  I could literally feel the tightening around my neck during this vision. I understood the lessons of this interaction when I sat with it afterwards, but this recent dream reminded me of that encounter. 

The morning of my dream, my husband informed me that he is being reassigned to work in Italy.

What?!  My initial reaction is, yay! We can be together! But then the reservations set in… all the arrangements that must be made here with our belongings and home, rehoming animals, selling the house, settling legal paperwork, leaving my family and friends, … And my work! What about my work?!

While in meditation the next morning, I felt the wings of Isis around me, as if She is calling me to be closer to her – literally. I feel a stirring within me that only She can cause. It is no accident my husband’s work is taking us to such an ancient civilization. I remember a fleeting thought not so long ago that if Isis wanted me to come to Egypt, a professional opportunity would have to present itself in order for me to go. And here we are – a stone’s throw from Egypt. Yes, Mother, I see….

But there is a deep reluctance to go back to the land of the Romans. So much anguish in my cells’ remembrance, but I feel the priestess within me beginning to breathe through me…

It has no power

I feel this new journey will enrich the work I’ve begun with even more potency. I allow this knowing to sink-in, and rainbow certainty wraps around me :

The journey to ancient sites will both activate me, and be activated BY me.

My work of clearing out the KKK energetics that lingered in the local atmosphere has been preparation for the next task ahead. I must remember, that I am so much more empowered and protected than I was when I started that work, and that my cells’ reluctance has no power.

While meditating upon the situation, I received this message:

When we incarnate, we arrive with so much raw material that we must sift through, organize, cull, purify and realign so that we may recreate the blueprint we require to house our Divine Presence in the physical. There is both an elevating and a downloading taking place once we do the preliminary work of purifying and realigning the raw material with the Sacred Fire. When we create the space within us to recreate the geometry blueprint, then we begin to radiate it with our Sacred Fire Love, which elevates our entire construct to a frequency physically accessible to our Presence, which begins to “download” fragments into the maturing geometry. [I see a Plinko game (like the one from the old Price is Right Gameshow) where the disks are dropped by our Presence from the top, pinging down through the tines of the game to land in exactly the right place.] The geometric alignment of the tines and the magnetism of the disks fall directly to the readied receptor sites within us.

The more we use the Sacred Fire for purification, realignment and resurrection, the more we make ready these conditions to embody our Divinity. Whenever there is reluctance, there is opportunity for growth; whether that expresses as learning where to draw one’s boundaries and reinforce one’s constitution, or whether that involves an embracing of the opportunity to expand one’s boundaries and reorganizing your constitution, both will deliver gifts of empowerment.

So I take this message with me to this new, yet ancient, place as Isis chants to me in the distance, calling me home to her palace in the ethers where I will be wrapped in the shrouds of remembrance. Where the old me will pass away, and the new me will Resurrect the Eye of Horus – through which the I of my Being may pass and I can be whole again. I bow in deep reverence and gratitude to The Call.

Eye of Horus and golden light rays. Ancient Egyptian symbol of protection, royal power and good health.

The Sacred Fire swirls beneath my skin in anticipation. I welcome and accept this Gift. Thank you, Mother.

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