Alchemizing the “Rage” of Music

Okay, so today I found myself quite irritable.

It just so happens to be Mercury retrograde in Pisces, and Aunt Flow showed up. It is workout day, and I had little desire to “crush it” like I normally do on my Monday workout.

It was warm out, which usually compels me to run outside, rather than in the gym, but I was in such “a mood” that I didn’t like how the clouds in the sky looked. Really!

I mean, the sky was irritating me!

What’s up with this “fake haze” that floats in the sky, hiding the beautiful bright blue…?! Well, I think we “Truthers” know, but anyway… Ugh!

I went inside despite my lack of motivation, and because I didn’t want to aggravate myself running under “the blasted haze.” And, so many middle-schoolers were out on a school holiday. I think you “get”my sense of affairs….

Well, I get inside, and it’s LOUD because so many kids are in the basket ball court beneath the gym. I put in my earbuds to drown out the noise with my trusted 90’s playlist. I couldn’t decide to make it a body-toning day, or a cardio day, so I did both. Thankfully, my use of the Sacred Fire visualizations I use began to do their magic to loosen this “funk” I was in.

After a few sets on some machines, I made my way to the treadmill. I put it on the highest incline level and began my exercise. A very unusual desire to listen to some hard rock came over me.

Now, I’m typically an ‘oldies-but-goodies” listener of music, but I browsed my library and found just the tune to fit the bill.

The sounds of guitar, bass, and drums of Godsmack’s “Love,Hate,Sex,Pain” began their journey through my earbuds. I felt the angry energy of the music move through my mind and body, but, in this unusual instance, I realized –

there is medicine in this moment.

Presence revealed to me that, because I have used the Sacred Fires before hand – which has instilled in me the protective energetics it offers – I can use the “angry energy” of the music to help me to “shake out” similar frequencies in my feeling body.

So, there I was, on the machine, jamming out to that song on repeat (and a couple other selections), looking a fool while gently head-banging and writhing to the rhythms. Little did my audience know that I was intentionally using the frequencies to help me “shake the rug” of my irritability, and all other unknown “disturbances in The Force.”

As I utilized these lower frequencies to loosen any base frequencies within me, I called upon the Sacred Fire of my heart to blend with the sweat that was now pouring down my face to purify my heart-mind from all that Mercury was summoning to my attention. Once I hit my goal on the machine, I stepped off with a blast of Gratitude to my Presence for triggering me to a teachable moment in my trek through the Daily Matrix. This alchemical work found completion when I used the water element once in the shower to wash off the toxins that my sweat had pulled from my feeling and physical body.

So, my friend, I invite you – should you feel “angry at the clouds” – to call upon the Alchemy of the Sacred Fire to work with you and transmute all that comes up for you this Mercury retrograde phase.

May The Flame be with you!

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