An Aquarian Decree for the Aquarian Age!

To my fellow Aquarians, I wanted to share this powerful decree I set for this year so that you might use it too.

My birthday corresponded near some powerful lunar eclipses this time around, so I decided to harness as much energy as possible to qualify this new year, this new decade! I hope that you find it useful! Oh, and if this happened to miss your birthday, say it before the end of Aquarian season on a special day for you, and it will surely still be just as affective! [Make it your own where you feel fit.] It is best to STAND in your authority in your sacred space when you say this decree.

Those who are not lucky enough to be Aquarian … the language will surely be able to harness some magic for you in your birthday season! Many blessings for this new decade for us all!

Here is the decree:

Beloved Mighty I AM Presence, Beloved Masters and Angels, Beloved Celestial Bodies in my birth chart upon whose alignment I discover life, I call upon you to assist me! I call upon all the magic energy of the planetary alignments, all of the loving radiation of all who find favor with me, all who love Liberty, all who love Truth, all who love and serve Sophia. I call upon you this day, these next few days, to anchor your blessings and align your divine will with my own to manifest all the resources that I require to lay the foundation for my work, the work of my Divine Purpose to [fill in here, then name specifics for what you require] to come forth so to create the containers for greater work to seed and bloom. 

I call upon the Truth of all I AM, I call upon the Seraphim … [name angels/masters closest to you] to send an infinite stream of loving support and guidance to my work. I call upon all of the elements and Elemental Beings to align in perfect geometry within me to create the most perfect conditions through which to manifest this work into tangible reality, in a reciprocal platform of abundance and fulfillment for myself and all who I have been called to serve. I call upon the Magnetic Will of my Heart center to completely and perfectly align all conditions that I require to bring this forth. I call upon all these forces to work in concert to bring all the logistical, personal, business, financial, technical, inter-relational conditions that must be present to be made known and easily accessible to me; that all the resources, people, and timing will be in perfect symphony with all that aligns with [Liberty, Truth, and Freedom]. 

Align all of this decree to pour into the expression of victorious success in all that I undertake with my creative projects, in all that still requires to see fulfillment, in all the seeds that have been planted last season. I hold vision for the Victorious Fulfillment of all I have spoken. I also hold vision for the success of my children, that they may find more ease and grace as they move along their journey to victorious Self-realization. 

I call upon all those magnificent Celestial Bodies of Fortune and Victory to magnetize so closely to me so that wherever I may go, I may feel their protection and beneficial influence guiding me along the way. I call upon the COVENANT that we – the planets, ancestors, masters, and I – have willed into being through my birth upon this planet and through our mutual agreement to come forth in all Its full power and authority, to come forth to fulfill the Divine Plan, the divine blueprint to build the next Golden Age in this fractal of time-space. 

I insist and command that all Covenant Agreements come into their victorious fulfillment this year! That all the Joyous celebration, Magic, and Glory will be experienced in perfect, never -ending measure!  May the feeling of effervescent fulfillment be an everyday occurrence. May the blasts of joyous laughter escape my heart each and every day! May the Illumination of Sophia-Christ be ever glowing from my appearance. May the Radiation of the Sacred Fire Love of my heart keep me ever connected to  [Truth, Liberty, Freedom, Love, and Light]. May all that has come to be realized and harvested from my Soul-Jewel find its Victorious Fulfillment! May I be that instrument that catalyzes the change in others and in the world around me into a higher vibration of Love-Light! May all the carbon within me undergo that spontaneous transformation into the diamond structures to bioluminesce the Quintessence of my Being!

By the Power and Authority of my Mighty I AM Presence and All Beings who have aligned in this Truth, It is so! And so It is!!!!

Let us call down the magic of the Stardust we are!

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