The Alchemy of Self-Mastery in a World of “Likes” and “Shares”

So as I have stepped out of my comfort zone and started to engage on social platforms more, I realize that I’ve started doing that profane practice of checking my post “Likes” and “Shares.”

Oh my God! Please, NO!

I’ve never wanted to turn into one of those people. So, as a modern day alchemical priestess, I take this behavior and examine the emotions that float beneath this action, and I found someone who I desire to protect and love.

I listened to a podcast sometime back, Kris Britton’s “Goddess Boss” (I can’t remember which episode), where she mentioned something I never thought of before – the need for attention and love is a feminine quality.

Hmmmmmm…… really? This got me thinking…. is this true? OMG! Have I been squashing my most precious feminine body out of concern for keeping my ego in check?

How do we draw the line between what our feminine aspect needs and what is really egoic behavior?

I took this query into my heart, and my Presence gave me a little guidance with this:

Yes, our innermost need for love, devotion, attention, tenderness, “witness” is part of the feminine expression; our beautiful tender-one relishes and is nourished by such energy. It empowers her and makes her even more potent. However, there is a fine line between honoring our feminine desire for praise and letting the ego “take it personally.” It’s this “taking it personally” behavior that feeds the ego, and actually harms the feminine rather than nourishes it. The ego’s tendency to “take things personally” will stifle the radiance of that inner bloom of feminine perfection within us.

Our ego wants to protect our tenderness, so it steps in when we don’t feel we get the attention we deserve. And, when one allows the ego permission to act out, then we open the door to all the baggage it carries, degrading emotions of worthlessness, self-doubt, inadequacy, because you’ve just validated its defense of not getting the attention she – the feminine aspect of ourselves – desires. It very delicate work knowing how to feel into teasing out the entanglement of these aspects; it truly requires mastering ones thoughts, emotions, and personal power.

So, how can we rectify this situation? How can we nurture our feminine tenderness whenever we make ourselves vulnerable without allowing the ego to step in and making things worse? Remember, the ego is not yet working with a fully operational and balanced capability; it is in an “altered” state until we can embody more of our divinity, and in this altered state, it can cause more harm than good. We have to distance our Self (with the capital S) from the little self and speak to it compassionately and lovingly.

First of all, accept that the desire for love, attention, recognition, is a natural one, not necessarily an egoic act. Secondly, nurture this lovely, tender, feminine body with the unconditional love, understanding of your Mighty I AM Presence. Keeping her nourished in unconditional love from your own Divine Nature will keep her plump and vibrant not needing to seek it from the outside world. It will keep her healthy and provide loads of creative inspiration.

As for the ego, thank it for trying to protect what we know is the most vulnerable and precious, tender part of our Self. Remind the ego of the new job we have given it – keeping our personal satellite of junk in orbit; it can protect the feeling feminine body in this way by not allowing this “moon” to eclipse our joy. (This comes from a much more detailed piece, “Alchemizing My Fears” which illustrates this in more detail).I was reminded today, also, of the power of magnetism, and how it keeps all of our bodies – mental, emotional, physical, astral, so forth – in harmonic alignment.

And THE most magnetic emotion of all – GRATITUDE. It is so simple, yet so powerful. So simple that a child, even an animal can emote it; so powerful, it can neutralize mental/emotional imbalance and polarize the various bodies back into perfect harmonic “orbit.”

Gratitude can diminish all the lack that can sometimes infiltrate our system and will fuel the love flame within our heart to burst a ring of radiant light that will cover over all the lack-based conglomerations in our feeling body, elevating us back into alignment.
Gratitude acts like our personal gravity. It has the power to attract to us , and keep in our field, all the blessings our life has to offer; it also has the power to repel all those obstacles that may arise why following the path of our divine purpose, even those obstacles that we create in our imagination.

So, I offer some practical suggestions to use this insight if you may find yourself measuring your “likes” to a point that it’s diminishing your self-confidence.

Set aside about 20 minutes to tend to this imbalance that has surfaced.

Go to your favorite quiet place and sit in silence for a moment. (If you are a sacred fire practitioner, spend about 10 minutes in the sacred fire before stepping into this routine; it will assist in clarifying the “psychic surgery” you will do on yourself and make the work more enduring.)

Call upon the Greater I AM of your Being to assist you in “teasing out” the entanglement of the ego with the feminine body. Put out this clear heart-felt intention, and stay here for a moment until you sense a response from Presence, or until you intuit the call has been answered. An example call:

Beloved I AM of my Being, Beloved Masters and Angels who find favor with me, I call upon you to assist me in addressing this imbalance in my system. Open my senses to the Divine Wisdom within so that I might step aside and allow the Greater I AM of my Being to come forth and help me untangle my altered-ego from my feeling body. I thank you.

Imagine the work before you. Imagine the Alchemical Magician of your Greater I AM doing Its perfect work along side you, assisting you in this “psychic surgery” of delicately separating this entanglement. It may help if you speak to your feminine body and your ego as you do this. (An adept will be able to do all this simultaneously) Here is a suggestion:

Speaking to our beautiful feminine aspect (Imagine her amazing, flowing essence before you) as you pour LOVE upon Her:

Yes, it’s natural to desire love, attention, recognition. You are so lovely, who wouldn’t want to love you? You are so beautiful and worthy of attention, you are right to desire to be recognized. It’s time that the world see just how beautiful you are, isn’t it? Look at how delicate and soft you are! Like a flower! Let me shine my Light upon you so that I might smell your fragrance. (Deep breath) Oh, so lovely! Look at those wings of yours! Lets fly together on this journey. Thank you for being so tender! Thank you for your sweetness. You are so brave to be vulnerable, and I will take care of you. Remember that the outer world attention doesn’t reflect just how worthy you are to be loved and appreciated! I love you.

Speaking to your dutiful ego (imagine your little soldier, all geared up in armor):

Thank you for trying to protect our beautiful, gorgeous flower! You have such an amazing sense of duty! Remember now, that we have a new job, and that is keeping in orbit that junk-satellite in our larger field so that it doesn’t overshadow Her joy. It’s a big job, and I know you can do it. I am so grateful for your dedication to this task! (Imagine your little soldier now undressing the armor and turning his/her attention to the orbiting satellite that you have pointed out in the atmosphere around you) Thank you for helping me keep balance. Thank you for your strength, thank you for dedication in keeping me humble. I love you!

Sit here for a moment and allow these two aspects of your Being to soak in the Love, acknowledgement, and attention from your Divinity. Now, to magnetize everything into place….

Continue to support the surgery we just accomplished in the background of your consciousness as we turn our attention to our heart. Step into your heart and begin to take account of all the blessing you are thankful for. I have a gratitude meditation that would work well here if you have more time.

For expediency, I enjoy singing the “Gratitude Song” It is a simple song that I sing with my 432hz bowl. Its medicine triggers the heart and realigns it with the message of the song; it is played to the tune of John Denver’s “Annie’s Song” and is very simple to make your own (John Denver came into my Consciousness and gave me his blessing lol). I can play you a short sample of the song so that you might use this medicine as well.

Excuse the background “noise” I recorded this on 02022020 and the energy was so intense, the mic captured it.

As we listen to or sing this song, feel the magnetism of gratitude completely fill your heart and personal space. See all of the particles of your Being realigning into symphonic perfection. Relish in the self-mastery you are practicing!

Now, back to your feminine flower and ego protector.

After finishing the song, I like to hum the tune as I turn my attention back to “flower” and “protector” Pour your gratitude to them again. See your feminine essence comfortably tucked within her rose; see your protector with his hand up, clearly focusing his energy upon that “dark moon.” All is balanced once again in your world. Deep breath!

For a little extra magic, I love to use my own personal essential oil blend (use any that triggers your heart to open). I inhale the fragrance, feeling the little light ethereals penetrate my olfactory senses and spill their magic over me. I imagine my little flower-girl with an oxygen mask on, breathing in all of the rarified air of the perfume I offer her and she flutters her wings with joy and love at the attention. I stay here until she is completely nourished. Deep breath!

Before leaving this space, run a scan over your thoughts and feelings. Is everything back in alignment? Are we feeling more centered? More balanced? Have we neutralized the monkey-mind? Have we nourished our vulnerable feminine essence? If you find you need more time here, tend to the areas where you feel you need to address a bit longer. Make it a practice to follow up with this “psychic surgery” on a regular basis to maintain the orbit of all your bodies properly. Especially return here if you find that your wobbling again.

If you find that you are in a public place and are in desperate need of a quick pick-me-up, you can also hum the “Gratitude Song” tune to yourself, and breathe in your favorite essential oil – its a good idea to carry one with you – to “resuscitate” your own “flower-girl” until you can attend more fully to your work in personal alchemy. I do have a mantra associated with the more focused gratitude meditation for use. (Please see the post on Gratitude – the Power behind your personal cosmos).

You know this alchemical work is done (for now) when you can return to that social media platform and not feel bothered by the seeming lack of likes or shares on your page. You know your work is done when your larger objective of living your purpose is outshining the seeming lack of engagement online, and is over-lighting that feminine flower within. You know your work is done when you don’t feel the smack of the ego getting offended at the situation. You know your work is done when you feel balanced once again!

Being a modern day alchemist doesn’t physically require flasks and beakers, those tools of measurement are all inside of you. Mastering one’s human personality can be accomplished with simple techniques that will allow us to alchemize the conditions within us so to receive the greater gifts and blessings of our Divinity. This, is the true Elixir Vitae. This is the true Philosophers Stone.

Be blessed, and harvest that golden being within!

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