New Years Blessing

As I sat in contemplation this morning, contemplating the year ahead, hopes turned to a qualifying prayer. May we all enjoy such blessings!

That I may be fluid among the various matrix expressions with the most profound clarity of purpose, without losing my compassion or sense of humor; to let laughter lead the way through the matrix to the blissful unfolding of my sacred work. 

That the alchemical calibrations of all the necessary elements are available and ready to transmute, transform, and transfigure my outer self into the expression of vitality, beauty, youth, and eternal life of the perfection of the Divinity of my Being – the Mighty I AM.

That I may magnetize the perfect conditions with which to move forward in the world with my divine work; that this magnetism never loses its power, continuously charging with Gratitude and Love; that this magnetic field may be so powerful that it affects the conditions around me into perfect balance and polarity – drawing to me all that I require and expelling all obstacles to my desires. 

That the larger advocacy for America and the Liberty Flame/Codes continue to grow and gain potency to fulfill Its destiny; that America will remember Her destiny, claim Her sovereignty and freedom from corruption .

That all the sacred tools and techniques given me from my Holy Guidance continue to unfold the delicious mysteries of magical manifestation. vb

That all who experience my outer self may know the Love and Truth of my sacred relationship with them – that they (even those seeming adversaries) are truly a gift in my life in unique and wonderful ways.

That all my relationships be drenched in Love, Tenderness, Compassion and Authenticity.

That all the magic seeking to move through me find me a victorious instrument of Its work.

That the strength and determination of my Soul continue to wave Its banner of Love above the degradation of the outer world.

That all the new people and projects I meet be blessed by a reciprocal participation in our mutual growth.

That all the challenges that await me be quickly and gracefully harvested for their blessings and gifts; that all despair and doubt be quickly dissipated by the Grace of Divinity.

That divine timing be ever present and directing my movements through life.

That the veils between lies and truth continue to be dissolved in my awareness; that my awareness of such continue to be robust and accurate, guided by my Divine Wisdom. 

That the nourishment of the Sacred Fire never leave me wanting and always keep me plump in Its Love-Light.

That my life-work and Presence may be a blessing to all life around me; that the Sacred Fire may instantly neutralize any deviation from my alignment with the truest essence of my Being and my Divine Purpose.

That the connectivity of my Heart-Mind filter my thoughts through a purified heart ,and my feelings through a purified mind; that my behavior may source from the harmonized balance of Both.

That the elements within me find their opalescent illumination in the Love-Light of God.

That the guidance and blessings of all the masters, angels and celestial bodies never cease; that I may never lose Their favor.

That all I write, speak, and chant be filled with Divine Truth and Alignment – the Resonance of my Soul.

That the power and potency of my decrees find victorious fulfillment in all they state in Truth and Authenticity.

May all of these blessings, and more, embrace all our lives this new year, this new decade!

2 thoughts on “New Years Blessing”

  1. Beautifully inspired, Blessings Celeste, I love the work you are passionately inspired
    to express vibrationally through your Soul Power, a gift to All Vibrationally, God Bless America and all that she faces this hour, I feel the expansion of Light Love and Truth will be America’s Victory, God Action that sets Life Free, thank you for the God Action expressing through you, this ripples throughout the Consciousness and becomes the One Consciousness to set all Life Free.
    Hope to see you again in Canada!
    Blessings Nancy

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