Sound and Light Connect our Worlds

I often receive messages while in the sunlight. This is what came through this morning.

It is through sound and light that our worlds connect, that conditions are created and destroyed.

Instantly, a flash of Muad’Dib comes to my mind, but this is just a speck of the information being conveyed.

Aeshakana-Ra elaborates:

Through the coded chants that are moving through your instrument, you and others will bring down the old structures and co-create the landscape of light for the new golden age that awaits. The sounds oscillate between the worlds, like cups, gathering and depositing information energy upon which we (the Beings of Love-Light) can do our work. It is through sound that we (individuals) can make manifest more efficiently the desires of our highest and best interest. You have been activated in this way because there is an ancient remembrance of this within you, part of your attainment as a scientist -priestess-teacher coming forth and blending in this way.

The sounds you practiced today will assist others in discovering their own particular sacred name and the power/sound within.

As you refine this chant, more direction will come. The more you vibrate this chant within you, the more your cells will awaken to the power and information that your Presence has formulated for you, for you are the variable in this great formula, as shown to you by your Presence. You are the quantum mathematical/geometric formula that will bridge the dimensions, like the seamstress you are, you will BECOME the thread that binds these worlds together; in doing so, you will bring the higher frequencies more closely to your world. This will liberate inherent codes within others into their own awakening. Welcome to your awakening, Beloved! There is so much more ahead!

This message came through as I practiced the chant of which my individualized Divine Presence, Aeshakana-Ra , refers. It speaks with a neutral “all-knowingness” as it is connected to the unified consciousness of the One Supreme Being.

Bathed in sunlight and sound, I am awash in this discovery and feeling this connection ever more closely.

I look forward to uploading this particular sound for you. Subscribe to updates to my blog, and you will be sure not to miss it!

In humble service, from the highest aspect of my Being,


P.S. For those not familiar with Muad’ Dib in the incredible story, Dune, please enjoy the short clip below.

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