Using Attainment to Unlock Attainment

Being married to a wonderfully adventurous man, I have been amazingly blessed to visit some beautiful places in my life. One of the most beautiful – Kawaii.

This story isn’t about our trip there, however. It is about how being in physical presence of certain areas upon the Earth, for me, unlocks remembrance of lifetimes that waft through my cellular structure and spill into my heart and inner sight. Knowing this part of the story contained in the codons of my DNA explains to me much about my personal preferences today.

I have never really been one called to live by the sea. Localities with cold climates, they lay even further from my liking. Even today, I am triggered at the thought of being “trapped” on an island, or suffocating from frozen lungs. It is a tear in the fabric of my Soul that is still being mended by the Love of the Sacred Fire. I see now how my primal need for sunlight, warmth, and expansive views of land stem from my time in Lemuria.

Being at the highest mountain peaks , that, is what saved us when the water came. Yes. I feel safer on the mountains. The ocean, it just kept coming and coming, and it was getting colder and colder. I can’t stand the cold.

As I stood on that cold beach on North Shore in December of 2011, the memory washed upon me like the waves.

The cold fear. It welled up inside me like the ocean wave before me. The fear of people looking to me for help. The fear of not knowing what to do. Doubting myself, doubting my power. But how could I not even try to use my training? All of this angst, fear, confusion, hope, and love rolled up into one nodal point in time . A moment in time where I called upon all of the energy and training I had within me and used it.

I was a commanding presence, which is why the people looked to me for help. I can see now that I wear a long dark green and blue cape, and nothing much beneath it. I can see that I have a bouquet of very colorful feathers upon my head, which made me look taller than I really was. As my arms and legs moved, I could feel the jewelry shift upon my skin.

The water is so close now. Everything is gone. Nothing but blue-green ocean all around us. I muster all of my courage and power into a cry that could be heard beneath the sea.

The depth of the ocean of my heart became one with the ocean before me.

I lift my face to the slivers of sunlight that cut through the thick clouds, welcoming the nourishment they offer to my heart’s center. I breathe a breath from my fiery heart and send it through the megaphone of my voice. Like a sonar, I direct the sound all above us, around us, beneath us. I can see waves move across the atmosphere and into the water.

I call an elongated cry, desperate yet demanding; a chant so pervasive, it penetrated the depths of the sea before us. Finally, they came.

One by one, then ten by ten, and more they came. The giant turtles of the sea gathered all around us.

They congregated before us, creating a floating mass upon which we could keep from drowning. I directed the people upon the backs of our brothers and sisters of the sea. They formed a massive pathway upon which we could walk and hop across, a bridge of cobblestone turtleshell. From the rear, to the front, they would move to keep ahead of us. From the bottom of the ocean of my heart, I had called to the Great Turtles to save us.

That memory came back to me when I communed with Goddess Liberty (Isis) again in Summer of 2019.

She reminded me of it, but I couldn’t HEAR any of the memory. I could only see and feel the memory. I asked, “What was it that I cried out?” Instantly, a reply –


The word funneled into my inner hearing as an echo across time, as if it still traveled to reach me again, deep in the massive sea of another desperate time.

Hope. Love. Joy. Each spilled its color frequency through me, expanded my heart with Gratitude. I could hear the ocean and the turtles slapping upon themselves beneath me. I could feel the water upon my skin and the way my body swayed on the ocean’s surface. The strong smell of ocean kelp overwhelmed my nose. I could see the endless blue-green all around me. I could hear hope in the peoples voices. I could see the smiles upon their hearts.

It is through this one word, this one call, this one chant, that Isis as Goddess of Liberty may work. As Isis, she will use Her personal attainment as the Goddess of Resurrection to work through my personal attainment with this call to resurrect YOUR personal attainment.

Weaving the lines of light and sound together like a net, a great bandwith across time-space, Isis as Liberty walks across this chain of turtles, upon this sound wave , to awaken your remembrance. Like the wifi waves we use to access an invisible field of information, Isis can “increase the signal” to your attainment.

As with all the perfection of the Universe, the more that I assist others awaken to their attainment, the more of my own personal attainment will come forth for me. I am ever so humbled and honored to assist you- and myself – in this way.

How delicious the journey! Hmmm…. do you feel it? Do you feel the wave of desire swelling inside of you to unlock more of your own unique gifts to life?

Can you hear the call, Beloved? Sample the selection below to see if it triggers a desire for you to discover more.

I wait for you upon the shores of my heart…

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