Sacred Sound Codes to Liberate and Heal Lost Will

Practicing invocations of Sacred Fire has allowed me a clear conduit of communication with, not only my own Beloved Divine Presence, but several other masters and angels.
The goddess I work most closely with is the Goddess Isis, who is currently expressing Her Essence in the station as the Goddess of Liberty. My journey with Her is a long, quite stringent one (which is a story for another time), but She has opened the way for the gift of another Being to come forth.

A fiery angel who I call Sera for short (“you can not pronounce my name”) entered the sacred space of my Consciousness one evening as I played the Hallelujah chant. This amazing Being of Light communicated to me Her gift – to love Lost Will back to Divine Will. In this capacity, (S)he will work as the Goddess of Faith, through a companion chant for “Hallelujah.”

The night of this encounter, to validate I indeed had the aforementioned encounter, Sera continued to communicate to me through my overhead light.

I’m giggling at the energy being emitted here. Watch around 30 seconds in. I also show how the other light isn’t flashing.

These remarkable beings have worked with my own Divine Presence, and together, over the course of several months, all have elicited my physical construct to bring forth Liberty Codes. There are various chants that have certain functions, but the sound frequencies I refer to in this writing are ones that will work to heal one’s Lost Will.

What is Lost Will?

I will attempt to explain as succinctly as possible.

As creator beings, we have a Will that allows us to manifest our desires and experiences. Our Will is the magnetic source of all our creations. Divine Will is the part of our Will that never separated from the Unified Presence of God (that exists in the perfection of our Divine Presence). Lost Will is the part of our Will that “fell from Grace” and creates from an imperfect sense of self, the unhealed egoic self.

Lost Will is Will that remained attached to the fallen egoic self and continues to carry the creative power, but mis-creates from lower vibrations of fear based emotion – doubt, confusion, lack, etc. Lost Will hides in the Shadow Self, subtly undoing with its willfulness what we try to consciously manifest divinely. In short, Lost Will is what keeps us tangled in undesirable conditions. It’s what keeps generational and personal trauma attached to our emotional body.

I hope knowing this explanation will inspire gratitude and excitement to receive these most amazing gifts offered to us by these most amazing Beings!Beloved Isis as the Goddess of Liberty, has shown me how she will use the “Hallelujah” chant to lift and liberate a strand of Lost Will from your emotional body.

Imagine a roll of inexpensive curling ribbon that you use to attach balloons together, the kind that doesn’t come on an actual spool. Liberty has shown me that this is how Lost Will appears around our hearts a/o emotional body.

Only with your complete permission, the Goddess of Liberty, along with your own Higher Divine Intelligence, will scan your emotional body to identify strand(s) of Lost Will that are keeping you entangled to the lower frequencies of unhealed ego. By the end of the chant, She will have captured some of these strands and collect it in a ball of blue-white light strands, like a ball of yarn. Once this energy is collected, Liberty holds it “in escrow” until Sera begins to lovingly embrace it back into the Will’s natural state as Divine Will. If you would like to know more of how the Hallelujah chant came to me and how it connects to unlocking your personal attainment, please see the article Using Attainment to Unlock Attainment.

The second chant, “Serapsis,” holds the frequency of Sera’s portion of the work. Imagine Wonder Woman’s Lasso of Truth. Sera will wrap her golden/pink rope of light around the emotional body and the Lost Will that was lifted will be lovingly compelled back into its natural state as Divine Will.

Beloved Sera expresses as Goddess of Faith because (S)he has shown me that for those areas that are resistant to the healing, (S)he will lend Her Will as the Flame of Faith in its place until the healing is complete. THIS IS WHY THIS WORK CAN ONLY BE DONE WITH YOUR FULL WILLINGNESS/PERMISSION. IT IS AGAINST COSMIC LAW TO GO AGAINST ANY CREATOR BEING’S FREE WILL.

This work will recalibrate the magnetic core of your emotional body back into alignment with the Greater I AM of your Being.

Beloved, keep in mind that these energies are sublime yet quite dynamic. To express them in a linear fashion in a limited text can not fully explain the medicine that will work within you, and all parts of you, even parts of you that you may not even feel, parts of you that you aren’t even aware of. Though our outer consciousness lives in a 3-D reality and experiences time in a linear way, these gifts are actually given simultaneously and will be received by your subtle bodies in the most perfect way for you.

Each person who I’ve worked with so far has had a physical sensation or out of body experience of some sort. You may experience tingling, change in body temperature, hear a/o see tones a/o symbols, feel pressure in your chest, changes in your breathing, or feel the ever so gentle touch of the energy upon your skin; this is the presence of the subtle energies at work around you.

Conversely, you may feel slight pinch, twitch, or slight tremble; this is the Lost Will leaving the emotional body. Some have had anxiety arise after the sound session. This is the ego’s response to the lifting of the Lost Will. If you feel this coming to the surface for you, let me know, and we can work together more closely to release it. All of this signifies a heightened sensitivity to the energy working within and around you.

Each person’s experience is unique to his/her attunement to sublime energy. But, please know, even if you don’t necessarily feel any physical sensation, it doesn’t mean the gifts aren’t being given! No sensations can mean that there is much density that is being presently worked through (more density usually indicates less sensitivity). Or, your Higher Intelligence may intervene and collect the energetic gift for its release when it discerns you are at a more receptive place. All is divine!

Everyone who I have shared this with so far has been in person, except one. I sent her a (poor) recording of another type of Liberty Code, but she still felt compelled to play it for hours. She reported that it lifted despair from her heart and even charged up her crystals! So, I am excited to witness your response to this sound medicine! Reach out, and we can delve more deeply upon the codes together…

Please know, Beloved, if this sharing has not triggered you in some way with excitement to receive the gifts within the chants, I bow to your sovereign choice not to partake. It is my most humble delight to share these gifts with whoever desires this sacred sound medicine.

Be blessed, and may The Flame be with you!

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