The Elixir of “Reconcile”


That word spilled into my subtle body as I stood in prayer before my candle.


I felt the pink Love-Light of the energy surrounding that word as it percolated through me. With every trickle, I could feel what Presence was communicating to me. I heaved at the wisdom that spilled through me.

R e c o n c i l e

As the word spilled through me, I could feel the weaving together of my Presence with my outer self, I could feel the Unconditional Love, Forgiveness, Compassion, and Mercy that knitted me back to Wholeness. Though I didn’t cerebrally understand exactly what elements were being reunited, I could feel the overwhelming Peace of Unity waft through my center as my Presence came closer to me, indicating that it was time to reconcile my outer little self with my Holy Divine Self, to be received wholly and unabashedly into the effervescent plasma that was being offered me as a nectar. It was time to drink from the Cup of Forgiveness – forgiveness of guilt, shame, anger, frustration, and all the other ways I’ve disappointed myself. Time to forgive myself of all disappointment, for now I have a new appointment. I have an appointment with the Great Anointing. Like Jewish “kiddush,” it is time to overflow with the Cosmic Light Substance of my truest essence, even if for just a fraction of a second.


That word echos through my Being like cooing Doves upon a sunlit breeze.

I welcome this soft song upon my heart.

I breathe in the fragrance of Unconditional Love, Harmony and Peace offered me by Divinity, I feel the overwhelming Love as She pours through me, so grateful to finally make this connection with me, as I am with Her. AS I AM.

I AM with HER. I AM with HIM.


Filaments of light continue to knit me into the mantle of my Presence, the beautiful embroidery of sacred geometry cocooning me in a capsule of Love-Light,
That is the magic of Communion, the cornucopia bestowed upon a diligent heart awakened to the Inner Fire.

This euphoria lingers in me like the glisten of an orgasm shared with my Beloved. All of this awakening without even remembering the literal definition of the word, “reconcile.”

Reconcile. Let’s more fully explore the power behind this word in the more literal sense.

Now that the rapture of my most Holy Communion has rooted into my atomic structure, I explore the earliest remembrance I have of this word -Reconciliation. This is the noun form of the word, which means it functions either subjectively – being the subject of something, or objectively – being received or given by something or someone. Some may know this word, in the Catholic tradition, as synonymous to “confession.”

Reconciliation is the Catholic right of forgiveness bestowed by a Priest upon a parishioner who has confessed his/her sins behind a screen in a small dark booth in the church that I remember. After dutifully listening to the confessor, the priest would prescribe a penance to be performed, and the sin would be lifted from the heart and soul of the individual. I did grow up in the transition of the Catholic church from Vatican I to Vatican II, where the tradition of the priest behind the screen was slowly being phased out, and an option to sit in council with the priest instead was slowly being phased into the reformed church. Though the priest’s personal kindness and council seemed more comforting with this modernization, it surely didn’t express the comfort of the True Reconciliation I had just experienced with the Holy Shekinah.

A quick inquiry on any internet search engine will yield the following English definition of the word:

to restore friendly relations between.
“she wanted to be reconciled with her father”

to cause to coexist in harmony; make or show to be compatible.
“a landscape in which inner and outer vision were reconciled”

to make (one account) consistent with another, especially by allowing for transactions begun but not yet completed.
“it is not necessary to reconcile the cost accounts to the financial accounts”

Similar: make compatible, harmonize, square, make harmonious, synthesize, make congruent, cause to be in agreement, adjust, balance, attune, syncretize

Reconcile, the VERB. A very different experience than the dogmatized noun version of my earliest life experiences. Examining the various definitions of the verb form of this word, I can fully appreciate the sacred exchange that was happening between Divinity and my self:

To restore friendly relations between – that is exactly what Presence expressed, an extended hand, a desire to connect more intimately with me with Unconditional Love, Forgiveness, and Mercy.

To cause to coexist in harmony; make or show to be compatible – I could feel the knitting of our connection harmonizing our compatibility more completely.

To make (one account) consistent with another, especially by allowing for transactions begun but not yet completed – All karmic debts wiped clean, completely forgiven in unconditional love. There is no indebtedness in perfect union.

I could feel the momentum of Sacred Fire expanding like lava through me and cooling to the solid yet permeable foundation upon which I can stretch and expand myself further.

Yes! I was experiencing the undoing of illusion and outer appearances through complete and true Reconciliation. Presence made compatible, harmonized, synthesized, made congruent, agreed, adjusted, balanced, attuned, and syncretized my outer self in every possible way one can be reconciled with one’s Self! This one single word unfurled in me all the sublime activity described in the complete definition of this verb. I could feel the momentum of Sacred Fire expanding like lava through me and cooling to the solid yet permeable foundation upon which I can stretch and expand myself further. To experience this totality and power of one word in this most expanded way is to know what it is like to communicate with the quintessence of one’s Being.

The grammarian in me is compelled to analyze this word even further. A linguistic breakdown of the word into its syllables offers these meanings: “re,” meaning “again;” “con,” meaning “with.” The syllable, “cile,” well, that required more research.

Genius and Spirit of the Hebrew Bible by Constantine Raphael Rafinesque offers quite a scrumptious definition of this most unique root. Yes, the ROOT of the word, the part of the word that expresses the core meaning:

The root of CILE, the future gift of endless life; but more likely to arise out of triple classes of ideas in amplitude of meaning, applying to the Triune of God of all nations. In this view, it is formed by – C Celestial, Eternity – I , he, male pronoun – H She, female pronoun- implying the Eternal He and She, the eternal gift of Soul, the celestial procreating power and Soul of the world – which we might translate in English terms by Supreme Being or the Divine Trinity of the Eternal God. p 72

So, putting all the pieces together, we can see the PERFECTION of this one word while in Communion with Source. I experienced the truest meaning of this word as Presence spoke through the gentle love light around me,

Return again to the gift of endless life. Return again to the Supreme Being of the Eternal God.

This was the holy embrace that wrapped around me like a warm blanket. Such is the simple and profound perfection of True Communion with the Eternal God.

The process of reconciling with one’s own Divinity is to be anointed in the oil of the Elixir Vitae distilled from a dedicated practice of adoration of the Sophia-Christ Presence of one’s Being. It is to be set adrift upon the song of one’s Soul; to truly embody the radiance of


I inhale the rapture of my Communion and exhale the blessings of my ever deepening Love for the Magic of Life. May you ever thirst for your own Sacred Communion and experience the Amoraluziamdi of your Being.

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