Igniting the Fire Within

“The bud of the wonderous rose absorbs earthly poison through its own fragrance and transforms it in its internal laboratory into a wonderful aroma….a Heroic Deed of Fiery Service”

Zinovia Dischova

Igniting the Sacred Fire begins simply with the acknowledgement of the spark already within you , the spark of the Divine Essence of which you are composed. Like a pilot light in a furnace, it softly flickers in the center of your heart.

Pause now, Beloved, and FEEL and SEE this flickering flame within. It awaits you. It waits for you to feel its glow, to recognize that it’s there. Are you ready to turn on the ignitor switch? Are you ready to turn up the power of your heart flame?

Focused practice in using the Sacred Fire mantras and invocations will set you ablaze to alchemize the poison of your past to release the fragrance of your gifts to life, for the benefit of ALL life – that ultimate Heroic Deed of Fiery Service.

Whether you are ready to peer inside your heart and witness this most miraculous flame within you or not … no matter. It glows with infinite patience, nourishing the Tree of Life within you. But, if you are ripe for remembering the Truth of your Being, all you need do is call to the Flame to grow, and it will illuminate those shadows within you free to be consumed in its unconditional love.

So if you attention still lingers upon this page, this is good indication that you may be ready to explore the mysteries of a Fiery Heart. So, perhaps, a good place to start is with a background of Sacred Fire.

The divine essence of fire is seen as early as the classic Burning Bush of the Old Testament. Even earlier so, in the practice Zoroastrianism, the worlds most ancient religion, It is revered as the ultimate symbol of purity ; no religious right is performed without a Sacred Fire ritual.

In modern times, the return of the Sacred Fire began in America with Guy Ballard’s encounter with St. Germaine at Mt. Shasta, California in the 1930’s. Working with his messengers Godfrey Ray King and Lotus, St. Germaine brought forth teachings of the Violet Flame in the I AM Foundation. Since this time, other schools have incorporated the use of the Violet Flame mantras, such as The Summit Lighthouse of Elizabeth Claire Profet, Era of Peace organization of Patricia Rota Cobles, and the Radiant Rose Academy out of Vancouver, British Columbia. I have explored Violet Flame use in all of these organizations, but the one I most resonated with was the latter, for it also incorporated the Rose Pink Flame of Mother Akasha’s Dispensation.

Sacred Fire is a collective name for the various Flames within the Fire, each carrying a specific frequency/gift. Collectively, they carry the divine Love~Light of God. Sacred Fire is the Cosmic Light Substance of which we are all made, and as creative beings, we can summon this fire within us to alchemize the elements of our multi body system into our most refined possible expression. With continued dedication and practice, we can ultimately elevate our frequency high enough to embody our own Beloved I AM Presence. We can access this spiritual technology through the use of invocation, mantra, visualization, and meditation.

Through the power of focused vocalization, we unite the various energetics within us and around us to create the conditions within us for which we can benefit from intentional use of the Violet Flames or any of the other Sacred Fires. What exactly is the benefit of such a practice, you may be wondering.

The list of benefits are numerous, and each individual will experience a unique degree of personal awakening according to his/her spiritual schema. At the most fundamental level, the Violet Flame offers a purifying activity to cleanse your conscious awareness from the static cacophony of altered ego. You know this voice, the voice of “shoulda, coulda, woulda” and all that this noise entails. Additionally, it offers us an energetic mode of protection and empowerment as well.

Sacred Fire mantra allows a space for which your essential Divinity can expand, and, as it grows, it relaxes the human ego. It is here where we create that bandwidth, that umbilicus of light, to connect to our divine Essence. The Elixir Vitae of our Being! And, how this nourishment encourages you to grow! What magnificent gifts await you in the Garden of your Soul. Can you smell the fragrance, Beloved?

So, I hope this post has enticed you to know more about the Sacred Fire, and even inspire you to begin an invocation practice with it. The spiritual science behind this technology is quantum and cosmic, and it is all within our reach!

If you would like to know more about my own personal journey with this most simple yet powerful modality, please read on or listen to my accounts. It is my greatest honor to be representative as a Sacred Fire Priestess of a timeless tradition. May the Flame be growing within you, Always in All Ways.

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